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Standing Up To What You Believe In: How You Can Do It.

(Akiit.comAs people, it is necessary for us to have our own beliefs and thoughts on all sorts of subjects to do with life. Some of these opinions can be voiced regularly, especially when it comes to things like politics. Other times we may not really voice it though fear of hurting people’s opinions. However, we should all stand up for what we believe in, be that out political views to what we expect from our job roles or day today circumstances. I wanted to share with you how we can stand up for what we believe in.

Make statements online

If you want to have your view heard, share your opinion or join in with an already developing conversation then the best thing to would be to get online and make your statements heard. There are so many outlets that you can do this through. Creating. A video online on YouTube. Writing a blog and sharing your thoughts through the written word. Taking to social media and sharing your view that way, be that on your own page or through pages that matter. Sometimes you just need an outlet, and the digital world can be an excellent place to air it. But at the same time you need to remember that people have the right to a response, and these days there are people out there that will share their thoughts and feelings, and you may not like it.

Follow people who share the same views

It is always a good idea to follow people that share the same views. It is an excellent source of inspiration for making things work. Whether you have political views and want to keep up with congress and what is happen with things. People like Mike Crapo or even Donald Trump himself. Maybe you want to feel inspired with what women can do in the world of politics, such as Theresa May or Jacinda Ardern. Maybe you like the world of celebrity and want to follow people online that inspire you to do better or make you feel good. It doesn’t even have to be someone of celebrity status. Perhaps an author who wrote a great book or a blogger that writes interesting content.

Sharing opinions but also listening

It is all well and good sharing your opinions, and this is especially important if you believe in something and feel that your voice and opinion can make a difference. But you also need to ensure that you listen back to other people’s views. This can help you in terms of what you think for the future, or allow you explain yourself a little better as you address the difference.

Having the confidence to speak up

Finally, sometimes you just need to have the confidence to speak up and be heard. This might be in different aspects of your life. Be that your opinion on something to your partner or your family, work colleagues or even sharing online through social media or your own blog if you have one. Just having the confidence to speak out can have you feeling elated and bursting with pride.

I hope that this has made you think about some of the ways you can stand up for what you believe in.

Staff Writer; Greg Adams

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