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Budgeting For Your Office Space.

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(Akiit.comDesigning an office is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need the right space and location, you need all the supplies you can get your hands on to make sure the stock cupboard is full to the brim, and you need to know how to fix the printer when it starts chugging out blocks of ink on the paper. But you’re a small business with some limited savings and profits on your side; can you manage all of that maintenance on a budget?

Absolutely! So whether you’ve got a home business to outfit, or you want to put the finishing touches on a commercial space you made a good investment in, make sure you’re budgeting your design out properly! And here’s a couple of tips on how to do just that.

You’re not going to get the countless rows of desks in from day one, so make sure your office expectations are realistic! 

Go Smaller Than You Think You Need

If you need an office to run your business from, and you’ve got an employee or two to fit in there alongside yourself, always focus on the budget rule. You’ve got a small amount of money to spend, smaller than you’d realistically be comfortable with, and thus you need a smaller space to fix up than you were hoping for. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to buy up a cupboard space here, and you’re not going to be all stacked on top of each other!

Instead, focus on how you can be creative with your office template, and how you can fit the 5 or so standard desks and wiring into a smaller space than you first drafted out. It’s going to be a little cozy, but that can also help to promote a healthier working environment; everyone can see each other, smile at each other, talk easily when they need to, and you (the boss) aren’t going to be an intimidating spectre behind a screen. Thank your budget for that!

Try Building Your Desk Yourself

If you’re someone into DIY, why not bring that culture into the office? Prove yourself as a capable and creative leader right in front of your employees, and build your desk yourself. You won’t have to fork out for delivery, or workmen to build the desk for you, and you’re not going to be dumping half your budget into the furniture alone.

Even when it’s just your own desk, you can save a couple hundred or more right here by collecting the materials and putting them together yourself. After all, just purchasing some floating joints to keep your creation together is going to look a lot better on your budget than forking out for 10 or more desks that all have to fit into your limited space together!

Your office space can be designed on a budget, and even just a couple of simple ideas can save you a whole world of money. Put that towards the more important parts of your business!

Staff Writer; Jerry Parker

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