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Is A Guinea Pig A Good Pet Choice for A Child?

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( If your kid has been bugging you about getting him or her a dog or a cat, but you don’t have another space at your disposal for a pet this big, here is an option to consider: a guinea pig. These cuddly creatures are a fantastic option to be kept as pets and to give young children a sense of responsibility, but without all the complications that larger animals than this rodent species usually come along with.

Guinea pigs are sociable and affectionate

You won’t need a pet whisperer to tell you what your guinea pig is thinking. These animals are very easy to read, and they express their happiness, as well as their distress, without any hindrance. Make sure you get a cage that is large enough for guinea pigs and purchase some bedding and food, and you will be set.

Just tell your kids to avoid squeezing the guinea pigs too hard. They are delicate, and they can get hurt if they are not handled with care. Also, if you want an animal that will have no issue with being cuddled, make sure that you get it used to this type of treatment from a young age.

These furry creatures bond with their owners

Guinea pigs are very intelligent, and they recognize their owners. Your kids will love seeing their pet hurrying to meet them at the sound of their voices. It is easy for guinea pigs to forge a durable bond with their human owners, and, as long as they are loved back, they will love you from the bottom of their tiny hearts.

They are generally healthy

As a parent, you certainly want to know what sort of pet care and expenses are involved. You will be happy to hear that guinea pigs are generally healthy and they do not need particularly expensive care. As long as you will feed them healthy foods, they will have no reason to fall ill. Their bedding must regularly be changed, but, except for that, they are extremely easy to care for animals.

A long lifespan makes them an excellent choice for children

Parents usually want to get a pet that can live and grow with their children for many years. That is why cats and dogs are generally preferred as pets. In the world of rodents, guinea pigs stand out because they live relatively long lives. If most rodents that can be kept as pets, such as hamsters, gerbils, and others, live only two or three years, guinea pigs can live five to seven years.

They are hilarious

Pet owners who have guinea pigs talk about these creatures and their particular behavior as being funny. One thing they do is called ‘popcorning’, which is something young animals engage in when they’re particularly happy and excited. They jump up and down, or they run back and forth very fast, and some kick their legs alternatively in the front or the back. Your kids will find such things entertaining to watch.

Staff Writer; Larry Jones

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