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5 Tricks For Boosting Your Workplace Productivity.

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(Akiit.comWhen we think of improving office productivity, we usually think in terms of the software and working practices – such as abandoning meetings – that’ll have the biggest impact. While these things will work, but they can be a bit clinical. There is another approach to boosting workplace output, however, and one that’ll also have your office looking like something out of Silicon Valley. It’s about making subtle changes to your business that help to create a better working environment. So if you want to increase your productivity and also improve your office at the same time, read on below.

Create a Chill Out Zone

Humans are not machines. They’re not supposed to work for long stretches of time, and indeed, they’re not able to! As such, you’ll get much more out of your staff if you provide them with a place where they can unwind and refresh. There’s a reason why so many Silicon Valley companies have created awesome relaxation spots: an employee who feels relaxed will be more be able to work harder. Now, you won’t have the budget of a big tech company, but your comfort zones don’t have to be anything complicated. Comfortable lounge seats will do!

A Pleasant Environment

Take a look at your office. Is it a nice environment to be in? If you didn’t have to work there, would you spend any time there? If the answer is no, then take a look at improving the overall ambiance. You can do this in a number of ways. You can improve the scent by working with a company like AromaTech; smell has a big impact on our mood but is generally overlooked by companies. The other area to focus on is your lighting. You don’t need to have those harsh, uninspiring lights. Instead, add lighting that creates a cozy environment. Of course, if you are not up for the task, you can always hire a local electrician to complete the necessary work for you. 

Outdoor Spaces

Humans were not supposed to spend all of their time indoors. If we move outside, our brains begin to work in different ways; it functions as a reset, and helps us to think better. So look at your office space. Is there any way you can add an outdoor space? You probably already have staff members who need to go outside to get fresh air when they’re stuck on a problem. By keeping that outdoor space onsite, you’ll be reducing the amount of time they’re away from the desk.

Creative Walls

We take in whatever’s around us, but sometimes, what’s around us does nothing to get our brain firing. So let’s change that! Add color to your walls, either through a more interesting paint scheme or works of art. Just being around works of creativity can be enough to improve how we work.

Add Greenery

Finally, look at adding some touches of natural green to your office. Office plants have been shown to be very effective at boosting productivity, especially since they help to keep us relaxed. That should only be the starting point, however. If you have space, why not add a vegetable garden? Your team will love it, and your office will become less a place of work, more part of their lifestyle.

Staff Writer; Jerry Day

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