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Is the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Safe?

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(Akiit.comWhen we head to see medical professionals, we generally consider ourselves in the best hands to diagnose the symptoms that we are experiencing and to provide us with pain relief and treatment. But studies have found that medical errors and mistakes cause a whole host of problems for numerous patients around the world every year. Now, medical errors can be attributed to medical professionals as well as the equipment and machines that they use. However, this subject has raised a whole lot of debate regarding whether we are better off left in the hands of human medical professionals or artificial intelligence. Let’s take a moment to look further into this subject!

Terms of Use

If a medical institute does use artificial intelligence in your treatment plan, chances are that it is safe. Artificial intelligence has to meet a variety of requirements before it can be implemented into a treatment plan. Some of these include:

So, you needn’t worry if AI is being used in your medical experience. Chances are that AI is only being used as a complementary tool alongside human medical supervision anyway.


Even the most qualified and experienced medical professionals are only human. People can be affected by a whole host of factors, ranging from hunger and tiredness to emotional states of being, and this can have an impact on how even the most stringent and focused of us work. Human error, however, can be addressed directly, as patients and victims can fight a malpractice lawsuit which will see them recompensed for their troubles and which will ensure that the person at fault is reprimanded accordingly. The use of artificial intelligence in medicine can prove a little more difficult to tackle. If a machine makes a wrong diagnosis or suggests an inappropriate course of treatment, it cannot be held liable for its actions as it is not a sentient being. This makes law and liability surrounding the use of artificial intelligence in regards to people’s health and wellbeing a bit of a grey area.

Therapeutic Robots

It’s important to remember that AI is being incorporated into the medical field through more than diagnosis alone – there are other less invasive ways that AI is benefiting individuals who are unwell. Therapeutic robots provide patients with the positive effects of looking after a pet without bringing the germs and bacteria associated with pets into the medical setting. This improves patient care at the same time as reducing chances of infection or further illness.

As you can see, any AI that is used in your medical experience is likely to have been tested to the point that it is almost certainly safe. So, you needn’t worry about its safety. The one thing that we might like to show a little concern over is liability and law surrounding AI in the field of healthcare!

Staff Writer; Roy Adams

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