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White Liberal Progressives Are Shady.

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( I received an article from my son titled, “Study: White Leftists Simplify Their Language For Minorities” (Hank Berrien, The DailyWire, Nov. 27). It could not have been more accurate. Permit me to expound upon Mr. Berrien’s excellent piece.

It’s no secret that one of the fastest ways to incur my ire is for a person to tell me I should dumb down my vocabulary. White liberal progressives are quick and rabid in their attempts to insult me because I employ proper grammar and because of my vocabulary. White liberal progressives are everything we’ve come to expect from them as the byproducts of today’s anti-God, anti-American educational system.

Some time ago one particularly odious being who falls into the above category, determined that I was an “arrogant colored boy,” and it was his duty as a white liberal to put me in my place. The fact that I speak better English and have a more expansive vocabulary than he, combined with my Christian conservative viewpoints, drove him over the edge. Not interested in his infantile scribal tirades, I informed the person, who calls himself “Robert Berger,” I intended to block his emails. Apparently, being the brilliant liberal progressive bigot that he is, the meaning of being blocked escapes him – because each week when I empty my spam folder, I see emails in it from him.

His bigotry and that of those like him is tantamount to that of Bull Connor, the legendary Jim Crow-era racist. His kind feel it their birthright to condemn those such as myself who are Americans that write and speak better English than he.

Because his racist kind view Americans who are black as beneath them, they cannot accept that there are many such as myself who are their intellectual superiors.

Specific to the aforementioned, I have said many times, that white liberal progressives are the most bigoted and racist political zeitgeist that has ever existed. When they aren’t advocating for murdering black babies in honor of Margaret Sanger (who is one of their patron saints), they’re discouraging intellectual sufficiency as a wealth factor for blacks. The latter used to keep susceptible blacks subjugated to white progressive Democratic masters.

Because you and I respect people, we challenge blacks to be successful by speaking to them from a “competence-related dynamic.” White progressive Democrats speak from a “competence-related dynamic” with those they consider to be their equals; the same cannot be said when they are speaking to blacks, whom they make little pretext about viewing as inferior.

Berrien reports that a Yale and Princeton Universities study took place over a 25-year period. During that time, white liberal political candidates “patronized minorities by dumbing down their language so as to appear more approachable. They also tested [liberal] whites who were not politicians … and found that again, leftists dumbed down their language, while conservatives did not.”

The study, conducted by Cydney Dupree, assistant professor of organizational behavior at Yale SOM, and Susan Fiske of Princeton University, is an unimpeachable indictment that clearly shows the Democratic Party of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Jim Crow remains committed to stripping away the dignity of Americans who are black.

This approach is insidious for a plethora of reasons; not least of which is because it engenders behavioral and linguistical segregation born out of an inculcated view that blacks are inferior and do not interact on a societal level that is consistent with “white liberal” propriety.

This mentality is advanced through the use of what I have termed “segregative speech,” which I define as any verbiage used to make a distinction based upon skin color, while making it appear to be innocent of bias. White liberals use words to create a mindset of inferiority.

It is a crime as old as assault and battery. Make it seem as if they are giving the person a compliment or a status of importance, when in fact they are reducing blacks to a pre-antebellum mind-thought process of inferiority.

As Brandon Morse of RedState commented: “On average, the white left is guilty of believing minority individuals are of lower intelligence than they are and dumb down their speech in order to feel like they’re being kinder to them by doing so.” However, I submit they intentionally treat Americans who are black in such manner, because it foments loathing of blacks who refuse to embrace menialism.

White liberal progressives despise Americans who are black and portray self-respect, propriety and impulse control.

White leftist Democrats are very adroit at introducing bigotry through words and phrases that become part of the national lexicon, which without cogent examination go unrecognized as segregative.

I further argue that leftist Democrats use “diversity,” i.e., skin-color affirmative action programming, fully cognizant that blacks who are unprepared will fail and thus contribute to the mantra that “white conservatives are holding blacks down.” This practice has become so successful that blacks have been conditioned to not realize liberal progressive Democrats are not only white, but they’re the progeny and legacy of the KKK and Jim Crow Democratic Party.

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