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Things You’ll Learn From Having Your Own Business.

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(Akiit.comIf you’ve ever considered starting your own business  – or even if you’ve had one, you may have heard that starting a business is probably one of the biggest acts of personal development you can ever do. Not only will it challenge you on so many levels, but will help you learn more things about yourself than you ever thought possible.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some of the things you’ll learn from having your own business.

  1. It’s NOT glamorous.

Far from it, in fact. While the ideas of champagne, yachts in the Côte d’Azur, images of pristine desks, and photoshoots in front of the Eiffel Tower are certainly attractive, those aren’t perks of the entrepreneur lifestyle – they’re just flashy marketing & branding.

The reality is more like sitting behind your computer for hours on end, drinking copious amounts of  wine or coffee (depending on the time of day), eating cereal straight from the box (with your hands), and mascara all over your face.

It could be yesterday’s that you haven’t yet gotten around to washing off, or it could be today’s that is now running because you’ve just spent the last two hours crying like a child – who knows?

But, hey – maybe that’s your idea of glamorous.  In that case, great.

  1. It’s not just a way to make money – it’s your purpose.

For people who don’t have a business, it’s pretty hard to articulate the way we feel about it. The closest I’ve gotten, is to compare it to the love a parent feels for their child. You will do everything in your power to make sure it turns out right, you will drop anyone from your life who tries to hurt it – and you will love it unconditionally.

Your heart is full of pride when you look at this wondrous, amazing thing you’ve created – in fact, it actually baffles you sometimes that you have created it. Sometimes, just telling people about it will bring tears to your eyes.

  1. It doesn’t happen overnight.

You probably don’t need it explained that success isn’t something that happens overnight – despite what many people on the internet would have you believe.

Success is something that takes time, effort and sometimes even failing many times over before you even close to a little bit of success.

Worth it? Totally.

Ready to do it? That’s something only you can know for yourself.

  1. “Quit” is not a word that belongs in your vocabulary.

So, let me just give it to you straight. There will be days when you want to give up, but if you’re a true entrepreneur, if you truly have a vision that you want to bring to life, and you believe in it 100%, you know that this is just a fleeting feeling – usually as a result of a less than perfect day,week, month, whatever.

But NEVER will you seriously entertain the idea of quitting.

Change directions – definitely.

Try a different route to get where you’re going – recommended.

But never quit.

That certainly doesn’t mean there won’t come a time when you feel like it’s time to move on from your business – there’s a difference between quitting and knowing when to walk away. If you do feel like it’s time to move on from your business, then selling it could be a good way to go. With many industry-specific marketplaces online for buying and selling businesses like

Staff Writer; Peter Watkins

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