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Let’s Support The President – When It Comes To Border Patrol.

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( President Trump continues to refine the substance behind the “Wall” meme he has used so effectively to dramatize the urgent need to regain control of our nation’s southern border. In an article I wrote in January of last year, I observed and supported his efforts to do so:

“Whatever anxiety it causes his understandably worried supporters –as I wrote recently, promising legislation, repeatedly betrayed, has been the pattern of GOP betrayal re immigration for decades – refining the wall meme with references to some actual components of effective border security may be a reassuring sign that work is being done to put the rhetorical trope into action.”

Whatever lies they tell Americas citizenry, the Democrat Party’s contingent in Congress supports the globalist elitist faction’s effort to surrender control of the borders of our country, along with the sovereignty of the people of the United States. If President Trump succeeds in his efforts to refortify our borders, that success will thwart the effort to bring down the government – of, by and for the people – the U.S. Constitution is supposed to implement. This will thwart the globalists’ scheme to put the U.N. in charge of regulating the flow of migrants into the U.S.

As the globalist former German Prime Minister Angela Merkel recently admitted, President Trump’s policies are already thwarting the imposition of the so-called “New” World Order. Actually, it aims to return all the earth to age-old oligarchic despotism. Indeed, the new technologies of the information age empower elitists to impose more pervasive and effective totalitarian control than ever before.

As Merkel asserts, President Trump’s resolve to defend our sovereignty as a free people shatter this totalitarian elitist nightmare. That resolve could allow us to preserve our Union, reassert effective control over all its territory and preserve intact the representative, democratic republic ordained and established by the U.S. Constitution. But if the elitist totalitarians succeed in wresting sovereign control from our constitutional self-government, they will be in a position to pressure our Union until it disintegrates. With “sanctuary cities” and states abetting illegal immigration in defiance of federal law, that disintegration has already begun.

It is exacerbated by the encouragement of “identity politics.” However specious in fact, such politics rely on ideological memes that emphatically discard any effort to promote and maintain the sense of common humanity that must inform our identity as a people. Instead, “identity politics” promotes into matters of public policy, strenuous, angry and sometimes violent racial, ethnic and even whimsically individual sensitivities. This is bound to foment intractable strife, given the multi-ethnic composition of our population. As issues for public law and enforcement, rather than private choice, agreement and mutual self-arbitration, such sensitivities foment the disintegration of our body politic. This is precisely the result elitist faction globalists mean to produce.

With this aim in mind, they fund and organize the push to erase our borders and increase the flow of illegal immigration into our country. But if President Trump’s policies for border control succeed, that will thwart both results. With the flow of illegals curtailed, our electoral process will be less susceptible to illegal manipulation by blatantly anti-constitutional schemers eager to allow illegal immigrants to vote in our national elections. Their actions are already tainting our electoral outcomes, as the mess in Broward County, Florida, during the recent midterms made abundantly clear.

President Trump’s use of the “Wall” meme effectively highlights the purpose of securing our safety and sovereignty as a people. It focuses the mind on what is ultimately at stake. Along with their media parrots, elitist faction tools in both the Democratic and Republican parties want everyone to see the issue simply in terms of people striving to escape poverty by coming to the United States. But the strategic objective of the globalist totalitarian elitists who are exploiting, organizing and leading them against our borders, is to overthrow the sovereignty of the American people. So, in fact, they seek to erase the experiment in constitutional, republican and democratic government that allowed Americans to produce the stable, energetic regime of individual liberty that has made us the focus of hope for people elsewhere still harshly burdened by oppressive elitist tyrannies.

Democrats who refuse to give priority to restoring control of our borders should be called to account for what, in effect, amounts to aiding and abetting elitists’ scheme to discredit and erase the example of our right use of freedom. Their pretense of compassion for people seeking a better life serves to mask the real objective, which is to reassert the age-old lie that regular folks must depend, for their safety, on the wicked rule of elite, self-worshiping tyrants, whose abuse of power inevitably destroys the happiness of the people they purport to secure. The people of the United States are the one people in the history of the earth who, by their self-government, combined safety and happiness, with results that approve the right of all humanity to live without the insult of dictatorship, no matter what party or demagogue offers to impose it upon them.

That result required a combination of goodwill, prevalent decency and courage Americans have, in the past, always managed to achieve. The battle over funding for the “Wall” requires that we do so now. Some call it Trump’s Wall. But it actually represents the resolve of the American people. Will we hold fast to the God-endowed responsibilities and hopes we more than once secured and which our Constitution challenges us to pass to our posterity? Or will we succumb to the deceitful slurs of treacherous leaders who deplore our decent liberty and think they now stand on the brink of extinguishing it?

President Trump’s insistence on controlling our borders offers Americans the chance to prove them wrong – but only if the people who elected him work strenuously to encourage and support his stand. If the government shutdown is prolonged, so be it. After all, self-government requires, from time to time, that a people determined to be free prove that it knows how to survive without any government but what corresponds to their own goodwill.

Columnist; Alan Keyes

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