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Taking Your Healthy Diet Beyond The New Year.

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(‘New Year, new me’ – isn’t that something we all say? It seems as though everyone is starting 2019 with a new-found approach to taking care of themselves. It’s all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in the workplace and all around you – but how many people really stick to this new healthy lifestyle of theirs?

If you’re serious about living a healthier lifestyle, then make it a permanent change. Here’s how you can take your healthy diet beyond the New Year for a healthier future.

Embrace cooking

Developing a love of cooking is one way to encourage healthier eating habits. Cooking from scratch helps you to cut out a lot of the ingredients that are found in many convenience foods – goodbye added salt and sugar! By cooking more, you can learn to love trying new and exciting recipes, as well as make your old favorites healthier. Start introducing healthier recipes into your life to help you eat a more balanced diet.

Focus on your digestive health

Good digestive health benefits you on both the inside and the outside. When your digestion is down, you can feel sluggish, have a lack of energy as well as bloating and other symptoms. Taking care of your gut health comes from eating healthily, as well as being careful not to drink too much or get too stressed. If you have an issue with your digestion, then a GI doctor could help you to manage your condition and get you the treatment you need. Eat plenty of fiber and consider introducing probiotic foods into your diet to help you improve your digestive health.

Meal planning will save you time, money and the ‘what shall we have for dinner?’ conundrums

Meal planning is a way of life for many people, and it could be yours too. Meal planning is great for your household, helping you to set budgets and plan what you’re going to eat every day of the week. It’s also a way for you to eat healthier, as you won’t be tempted by eating out and takeout when you know there’s food to be eaten at home. Of course, there’s always room to add in some treats, and as long as you eat them in moderation, you should be able to enjoy a healthy diet overall.

Don’t make it about the scales

Living a healthier lifestyle isn’t just about losing weight. A healthy weight is important, but endless dieting and focusing on what the scales say can drive you over the edge. Alter your mindset so that you’re not just focusing on losing weight through your healthy eating, think about the bigger picture and the long-term benefits for your health.

It doesn’t matter when you start to focus on improving your diet – the main thing is that you’re doing it. Improve your health the right way by embracing cleaner eating for health that shows inside and out. It might be your goal for the year, but it can soon become a positive, permanent lifestyle change.

Staff Writer; Gary Ford

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