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SOTU; Donald Trump defeats Democrat women with logic.

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( President Trump gave his State of the Union Address last Tuesday night. To sum it up in one word: Amazing! It reminded me of the good old days, growing up in Alabama, when men led the way in the homes and in their communities. The Great White Hope, as I call Donald Trump, defeated his enemies, enemies of America, the immoral Democrat women and weak beta males, with logic.

Donald Trump reminded us of what it looks like when a man stands up with perfect love, and doesn’t take any crap. He showed the difference between when a real man is in charge, versus when liberal women get power. The Democrat Party has gone so far left that they cannot even see themselves – they’ve gone insane and are spiritually blind, deaf and dumb.

The president reassured the people that he will get the wall built along the border. I never doubted him, because up to this point, he has kept his word and has not given me a reason to distrust him. He is committed to protecting America from our enemies, foreign and domestic. But the left want open borders, as do the RINOs, many of whom, thankfully, have left office.

Trump cited the troubles vulnerable working-class Americans face from illegal aliens straining the education system, hospitals and job markets, negatively affecting especially black Americans. Blacks are moving out of the cities, back to the South, as they’re being pushed out, intimidated and replaced by illegal aliens and anchor babies. I cite these facts regularly in interviews, but liberals are in outright denial about it, because they’re blind and have no love for black people. Thankfully, President Trump loves and does right by all people, even those who hate him.

Trump called out the “ridiculous partisan investigations” by the Democrats (as well as some of the RINO Republicans and the liberal media). Almost on cue, “little” Adam Schiff – a wicked Democrat from California – called for yet another “investigation” on Trump the day after his speech. Rep. Schiff and the Democrats have no solutions, nothing to offer, but to try to stop good, to prevent the president from making America great again.

Trump condemned the rise of socialism in our country from the left, resolving that “America will never be a socialist country.” Clueless, weak socialist Bernie Sanders sat and sulked while even evil Nancy Pelosi had to applaud. Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and many other America haters also failed to show support for freedom.

President Trump called on people to “build a culture that cherishes innocent life.” But all of the wicked pro-abortion Democrats refused to condemn killing babies in the womb, even up to the baby’s due date! And black women, along with their “doctors,” kill more of their unborn children per capita than anyone else!

Only for power do Democrats pretend to love families, women, children, and black people – and it’s always in support of wrong. The left props up angry black women in order to kiss up to their most reliable Democratic voting demographic. They put black women on pedestals as though they’re God – evil women like Oprah Winfrey and Kamala Harris, both of whom are worse than the Fallen Messiah Barack Obama! Yet the Democrats and mainstream media lead black women and their children (those who survive the womb) down into hell.

So Democrats selected far-left loser Stacey Abrams, who couldn’t even concede that she lost her election fair and square, to give the Democrat response. She shared a boring story about her parents, and touted anger and victimhood through a fake smile. She pushed fake issues like “racism,” “reproductive justice,” “marriage equality” and “voter suppression.” It was a whole lot of nothing. She can’t even properly care for her own fat body or nappy hair, yet liberals like Oprah wanted her to govern the state of Georgia.

We need to bring back a sense of shame about wrongdoing, rebuild men, and restore respect for men and love of fathers. We can no longer cater to the children of the lie, or tiptoe around people’s feelings in their fallen state. The left want people out-of-control and shameless, so that they can control them by appealing to their ego and emotions.

We saw the Democrat women dancing like angels from Satan when the president recognized those women in Congress. These women are shallow, clueless, immoral, selfish and spiritually blind. Think about how brainwashed the millennial voters are who elected them, and the indoctrinated so-called “people of color” in their districts. They stand for everything wrong, and they hate God, they hate men, and they hate the unborn child.

We are in an all-out war – a spiritual fight for the soul of America. We could not have elected a better man for the job of restoring the country back to morality and sanity. America is a gift from God – let’s not squander it or give it up without fighting the good fight. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity and support the Great White Hope as the children of the lie continue to go mad in trying to destroy him.

Columnist; Jesse Lee Peterson

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