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Why Haven’t You Created A Twin Of Your Business?

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( If you’re not seeing double, you’re seeing sense. Any modern business must make some kind of duplicate of itself. No this isn’t some kind of jedi mind trick proposal, it’s simply the most prudent thing to do. But what is a twin perse? Well, it’s essentially a backup of your business in every single way that matters. For example, customer data must be protected but also backed up with multiple versions of it being stored in different ways. What about your business history in general? This too should be saved and duplicated so you’re not at risk of losing your previous ideas and valuable knowledge. Everything right down to the history of who you have employed should be saved and saved again. The more of your business skeleton you can save, the far less at risk you are of total collapse if and when your business is severely attacked.

A library of success and failure

If you were to somehow be allowed to enter into a large multinational corporation like Apple and open their vault of knowledge, you would see a timeline of history. You would also see ideas and products that no one has ever set eyes on outside of the company. But why is something like this kept alive? When a company forgets it’s own past, it’s bound to make a mistake that is has made in the past. The benefits of this kind of vault is that you can look back on your history when you’re stuck for a solution, and see how you figured out a similar problem. From now on, you will save every single product idea that you ever considered seriously and put it into a special folder that only you have access to. Duplicate this folder on your server, cloud service, and also have a physical copy you have lock away.

Springboarding back up

Every business owner must confide in themselves to accept, one day you might open the doors to your business and find everything has been ransacked. Your servers have been breached, your customer data has been stolen and your client data has also been hacked. It shouldn’t ever be a matter of if but when. With this mentality you can begin making serious preparations to get back online and ready to get back to work within a day or two. Using the help of a company like you can backup all data and protect it from disaster using their personally encrypted servers. They also have a built-in archiving system so any files that are not being used can also have their own space away from files that are so there’s no confusion. They also provide 24/7 monitoring of your data so you can always check in on them to see if there has been any unwarranted attacks.

Double and triple up your business. This creates a row of hedges behind each other, that every virus and cyber criminal has to jump over. Save all your products and services’ history so that you have a well of knowledge to turn back to when you are stuck in a pickle.

Staff Writer; Bobby Jones

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