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People Under 40 Often Ignore These Important Health Checks.

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( People say that as we age, our priorities change. First, we start our late teens and early 20s chasing our dreams and finding our true purpose, until we reach 40 and settle down, chasing money. Once we have the fame and money, we realize that we have sacrificed our health for the house, the new car, and the college bills for the kids. It is never too early to start listening to your body and looking after your health, so it can serve you later in life when you will have the time to enjoy it.

Cancer Screening

Unfortunately, cancer statistics show that men and women under 40 are becoming more vulnerable to cancer and it is becoming more prevalent across all ages. If your health insurance covers this screening, it would be unwise to miss your appointment. It can be a matter of life or death, or living an extra decade or two. Look through your family history and find out about your risk factors before you talk to your doctor.

Diabetes Check

If you secretly feel guilty about your diet, and you know that you need a change, you might want to get a diabetes check with your doctor. Even knowing that you are prediabetic will keep you motivated to change your lifestyle, exercise more, and take your health and your body’s needs more seriously.

Food Sensitivity

An increasing number of people suffer from food intolerance and sensitivity. Unfortunately, most of these people will not be diagnosed, as they cannot find the time to attend a screening test. What if you could get rid of all your digestive issues if you avoided certain foods? How would it change your life every day? Not knowing is uncertainty that will add to your frustration. If you suspect that you have a food allergy, visit your doctor for a test.

Eye Test

We spend hours in front of screens and using artificial light. It can certainly damage our retina and the nerves around the eyes, If you suffer from regular eye strains, it might be time to visit your optician to find out what is going on.  It might be a genetic issue, a nerve damage, or something that can easily be corrected using glasses, contact lenses, or surgery. Don’t lose your vision and regret not looking after your eyes later.

Hearing Test

Another sense we often ignore is our hearing. Those suffering from immune system issues might experience sinus infections more often, which can cause an ear infection. This, if not treated, can result in complications. If you would like to prevent this, you will need to see a professional for hearing protection advice. You want to enjoy live music and conversations with your loved ones for many years to come.  

Prevention is always better, more effective, and cheaper than the cure. Change your mindset and learn to listen to your body to spot the signs of developing conditions that will prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

Staff Writer; William Moore

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