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The Top Benefits of Telematics For Your Business.

(Akiit.com) Often, the definition of telematics is made complicated through difficult to understand words. Put simply, telematics collects data, can send information through telecommunication devices to control objects remotely, and use systems such as GPS to monitor road and vehicle safety. Video telematics uses recording to capture fuel levels, potential accidents on the road, request emergency assistance, hands-free calling and more.

If you own a car business or fleet of trucks, telematics can assist your company in many ways. If you are unsure about whether not you should invest, here are some of the top benefits:

  • They can help to improve your business efficiency

Firstly, it can help to improve your business’s efficiency, by recording the duration of each journey the truck or car takes. This can be used to discuss how to improve through feedback, see what delays they may face and boost the overall utilization of each journey.

Not only can you look back at past data, but telematics can also record events in real-time, meaning that you can see what is happening when it happens. This way, if there is lots of traffic on the route they are planning on taking, you can divert the trucks onto a stretch of road without delays – saving you money that would have otherwise been lost due to traffic.

2) They can help to improve road safety

By monitoring your vehicles, you can help to improve safety practices. As your drivers know that they are being recorded, it will persuade them to drive more safely and stick to the speed limit – lowering the chance of accidents occurring. If there is an accident however, this recorded video footage can be used to help with an insurance claim if one arises. By recording the data, you can also ensure that your staff are taking frequent breaks and that they are not suffering with fatigue throughout their shift.

3) It will help to keep your staff happy

Job satisfaction is a big part of any role. You want to make sure that your staff is happy in their day-to-day tasks and telematics can help to ensure this. How you ask? An electronic logging device (otherwise known as an ELD) can be used to record the time spent driving and how long is left of their shift. When delivering orders, staff can use an ELD to work out when they can do this.

4) It will help to reduce fuel costs

Through the recorded data that telematic systems collect, companies can reduce their fuel costs. How? Firstly, as mentioned above, they can prevent detours and waiting in traffic from occurring – which would normally result in petrol wastage. As it also monitors driving behaviors, any time spent idling or doing other tasks in work time is registered. As well as it being a financial benefit for truck companies, this will also help to increase productivity.

Whether you are looking to improve your existing vehicular practices or are just starting up your company, telematics offer an array of safety and practical benefits that you can utilize in order to boost productivity and profits.

Staff Writer; Fred Jones

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