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Perfect Productivity: Making the Best Use of Your Time.

( Most of us are left feeling like we just don’t have enough hours in the day, life is busy and we all have commitments and things we need to get done. For this reason, managing your time effectively is so important if you want to stay productive, here are a few ways to go about it.

Get organised the night before

The way your morning goes really sets the tone for the rest of the day, and so aiming for it to be as stress free as possible is important. Make sure your clothes are washed and ironed and laid out ready to go. Pack your lunch and keep it in the fridge ready to grab, and pack your work bag with everything you’ll need so you don’t need to look for things. Make sure you have something for breakfast that’s easy to grab, and just spend a few minutes in the evening considering what you’ll need the next day. That way you won’t get up and have to turn the place upside down looking for a lost key, document or shoe! You can get up, get ready and leave with no hassle.

Make use of your commute

If you have to commute to your workplace, this is time you could spend being productive. You could get out your laptop and start tackling emails or other smaller jobs, or you could use it as a way to focus on yourself. Watch a webinar on your laptop or just pop some headphones in and listen to a podcast. These can be really motivating and can help you to gain additional knowledge that can help you in work or life.

‘Eat the frog’

This term refers to tacking the worst job of the day first. Once you arrive at work, scour your to-do list and get the most difficult job out of the way. When it’s done it can give you a real boost and make the rest of the day feel much easier. Instead of procrastinating and messing around with smaller things until lunchtime, give this a go. As most people tend to be more productive in the morning, it enables you to use your focus and energy on the most time consuming tasks too, meaning you’ll get them done more quickly than leaving it until later.


Delegating is so important. Whether you’re managing a team at work or running your own business, it’s tempting to want to do everything yourself so you know it’s ‘done right.’ but this isn’t the best way to go about things, delegate and trust that your team members will do their jobs correctly. It could mean assigning tasks to different staff members, or outsourcing some areas such as managed IT services- click here to find out more. This frees up your time to focus on the jobs you should be doing, meaning you’re not stretching yourself too thin.

How do you make the best use of your time?

Staff Writer; William Day

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