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Democrats New Strategy: Campaign For Non-Americans!

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( With the race for 2020 firmly underway, a series of images have begun to shape the next leg of what is bound to be a hostile and hotly debated election cycle.

While former President Jimmy Carter has been unable to read the widely distributed evidence that has cleared the White House of any conspiracy (in accusations that had been unfairly leveled) in working with foreign powers to win the presidency in 2016, his fellow partisans have taken an opposite approach.

For the first time the most visible and influential faces of the Democratic Party have openly resorted to campaigning for non-Americans and making promises to non-Americans never before countenanced by serious office seekers.

Over the course of the two-night-abysmal-car-wreck on NBC networks this week they pandered in ways most Americans laughed at.

Whether it was Julian Castro promising abortions for biological men who think they are women, Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke racing to speak the worst Spanish, Bill DeBlasio promising to destroy the rest of the country the same way he has New York City… Whether it was Joe Biden being incapable of forming a coherent answer to nearly any question, Bernie Sanders blaming “economic hardship” (which is practically non-existent) on evil business owners, Pete Buttigieg admitting repeatedly he can’t run a tiny town (much less a large one, or a state, or a union of fifty…) Or even Kamala Harris landing her obviously rehearsed line about food fights while picking one with Joe Biden over his supposed racism of forty years ago…

The nights were torturous as they were long.

Yet there was a single moment each night that helped to bring clarity for the American people.

On night one it was when the only top tier candidate on stage—Elizabeth Warren—raised her hand insisting she was good with doing away with the private health insurance for all Americans.

On night two it was when the rest of the top tier candidates raised their hands insisting their administrations would guarantee health insurance for non-citizens.

To be fair, that question came after what seemed like an hour of discussion of nothing but the care of people crossing our border illegally, each trying to seem more “caring” than the others on what should be done to avoid seeing illegals drowning in the Rio Grande River ever again.

While Beto and company gladly, and without reservation, blamed the U.S. for such deaths, not one of the 20 even thought of solutions that would dissuade such crossings, the perhaps most immediately humane response that could be voiced.

But back to the question of health care: all of the Democrats promised something to non-Americans that hard working Americans in blue collar households in the rust belt have struggled with for years.

Hear me clearly on this: Every time a Democrat campaigns on the idea of giving things to Non-Americans, they lose votes of voting Americans in America.

One would think they wouldn’t have to be told this. President Trump kicked their fannies in 2016 because Hillary Clinton took the rust belt for granted.

This crew is spitting in the faces of rust belt voters, but expecting a different result.

No matter how many illegitimate votes California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois deliver them in 2020, running up the score in those states won’t offset Minnesota swinging red, Trump picking up a few new states, and holding everywhere he won in 2016.

These Democrats seem to be obsessed with the idea that non-America is where they will win American hearts.

And just to prove their point many of them campaigned the next day at a facility where illegals are being housed until most of their fake asylum claims are dismissed and they are returned to Mexico border towns.

Not to be outdone, Beto O’Rourke actually campaigned in Mexico on Saturday.

They want America to see “how much they care.”

Ironically Americans do see.

They see the American president obsessed with the plight of Americans. They see him holding Iran in check. They see him attempting to get North Korea to rid itself of nuclear weapons. They see him fighting to bring back and keep jobs in the U.S. And they see him recruiting Mexico to take more responsibility for the chaos at the border.

America wants to help those who need help.

America has an orderly process to do that.

Democrats are siding with non-America.

Which is why America will side against them.

Columnist; Kevin McCullough

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