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The Left Destruction of America.

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( The left claims to be a compassionate party. They say the government must be more prominent to protect those who cannot take care of themselves. Their declarations sound noble, but they are not. Instead, America and our society are a more dangerous place because of leftist policies.

The Second Amendment was written for self-protection from the government. A well-armed society is capable of keeping a tyrannical government at bay. The left knows this, and that is why they continuously attempt to pick away at gun rights.

A comforting byproduct of the Second Amendment is the ability to have a firearm for self-defense. The National Rifle Association says there are over 2 million self-defense gun uses annually. Leftists claim the number is not nearly as high. Regardless, we carry firearms for defense; however, the left wants to take our protection away.

Leftists want open borders. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently said that southern border detention centers are concentration camps. The left cut the number of beds in a bill that was passed, forcing Border Patrol to release illegal immigrants into the interior of the country. When borders are open, the country has an influx of people who come in unchecked, unverified, and possibly looking to cause us to harm.

The left says that those who do not have bad intentions should not be “punished.” I argue they should be punished and deported. Otherwise, we have no border. Every day there is a news article on someone who is killed in a drunk driving-related accident where an illegal alien was operating a vehicle. There are also instances where a female was raped by someone who entered the country unlawfully. Occasionally, a citizen is murdered and hacked up like butcher meat by illegal MS-13 gang members. The left is dangerously silent on those issues. And those are just a few examples.

It is scary to see how radical the Democratic Party has become. They have taken the word “compassion” and used it for their political gain. Their ultimate goal seems to be the following: get as many illegals as possible, keep them here, get power, give them amnesty, and ultimately become a one-party country. In 2018 congressional races, 69 percent of Hispanics voted for Democrats. That is a dominating number and further explains why the Democratic Party sacrifices the safety of Americans for the sake of election outcomes.

At times, it seems that Trump is the only one in Washington who cares about the illegal immigration issue. Other politicians are on his side now, but were seemingly aloof to the problem or did not care before Trump took office.

One of the prime responsibilities of the United States government is to provide general security. In this case, a wall on the southern border is an example of that responsibility. Right now, some individuals should not be in America that has caused injury, death, pain, tragedy, and other terrible situations, yet, the Democratic Party does nothing to try and prevent any more sorrow. They encourage more with their open border policies.

Leftism hurts Americans while it helps illegals, but the Democratic Party is not for Americans anymore. Their porous border policies bring in illegal workers who do not pay their taxes but send money back over the southern border to the tune of approximately $120 Billion dollars annually, which hurts our economy.

The left is trying to change America from its traditional roots to a country with an erased history, socialists driven programs, faux equality, a government worshipping electorate and a socially liberal nihilistic culture. None of these are healthy for individuals, and it is not safe.

Those who approve this way of life deserve what they get: poverty, misery, and perpetual anger. The United States is a country that provides hope. Part of that hope is safety.

Leftism has softened America. Children are exposed to adult conversations by left-wing teachers who indoctrinate them in an attempt to liberalize the country further. Children should learn specific issues from their parents, not a teacher trying to undo the values instilled by their mother and father. This causes a divide that is unhealthy, both mentally and emotionally.

Leftism was created to harm conservative values and eliminate them. The left does not care if that breaks down nuclear families and causes strife between parents and children. Most leftists abhor the traditional family dynamic, so their ideology completes the goal of damaging long-established family arrangements.

Leftists designed their philosophy for destroying the opposition. Our society and culture have paid the price.

Columnist; John Dempsey

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