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4 Ways Your Job Affects Your Health For The Worse.

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(Akiit.com) Everybody has been in a position where they hate their job. Whether it’s stress, fatigue or the people, you want to get out there as soon as possible. Unfortunately, these aren’t the only side-effects of hating your job because it can literally hurt. A bad job will take a toll on your both physically and mentally and put your health at risk.

Employers aren’t always trusted to do the best for their workers, so it’s up to you to spot the signs. Here are the indicators that should make you aware that your health is in jeopardy in the workplace.

Dangerous Incidents

Talk of health in the workplace usually centers on the mental side of things, but it can escalate into violence. Unsafe practices put employees at risk and anything that looks risky, like loose wiring, needs reporting. An accident also puts procedures under the microscope. Drivers, for example, might not realize how hazardous it is to operate a vehicle in certain conditions until it’s too late. Trucking experts see this all of the time. 

The only way to stay safe is to prevent an incident before it happens, which means ensuring the procedures are industry standard.

Weight Gain

Do you work to live or live to work? If it’s the latter, there’s a good chance you’re not as healthy as you would like. Research shows that long hours in the office leads to the adoption of a sedentary lifestyle. The obvious factor is fatigue – as soon as you’re tired, you won’t exercise as much and burn off the day’s calories. Accessibility is also an issue. In the office, there are fewer options food-wise and you might eat junk food to save time rather than searching for a healthy alternative.

Bring your own lunch and dinner if necessary.

Lower Immunity

Your body’s a finely tuned machine that’s thrown off by the smallest of changes, so working too hard and not taking time to rest can result in illness. The science is simple – without time to recover, your body can’t react to contaminants as effectively. What happens next is you start to suffer from things such as colds and the flu regularly. And, it won’t stop until you stop. There is even research to suggest hard workers can increase their chances of diabetes.

Putting in the hours for a promotion is commendable, but at some point, you’ll need to take a vacation.


Low self-esteem permeates every aspect of your life until you slip into a funk that’s hard to shake. Sadly, the office contributes to it through the relationship between you and your boss. Bad managers constantly berate, demean and undermine and it makes you question your worth. Colleagues aren’t helpful either, especially the ones that use bullying tactics to get ahead. You might think you’re strong, but it’s not weak to admit certain people make you second guess your choices.

Quitting is the only way out of a toxic relationship. Good riddance to bad trash. 

Staff Writer; Calvin Moore

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