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It’s Time To Take Your Career In Hand.

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( The idea that someone is confined to one job only throughout their entire professional career is absurd. As an individual, you grow every day, both in terms of interests and knowledge. As part of your growth process, moving forward in your career is a natural phenomenon. Unfortunately, too many professionals feel that for a variety of reasons, they are not allowed to progress. They experience the unpleasant sensation that it isn’t for them to decide whether or not a promotion or a new role is right for them. This professional inertia can lead to depression, disengagement, detachment, without mentioning the impossibility to boost your earnings. It has to stop. While there are factors that can at any given moment affect your candidate’s profile, you can take the matter in hand and build the career you deserve. 

Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t

Gender discrimination is, unfortunately, not a novelty. However, in 2019, more and more people are paying attention to the gaps not only between men and women but also between white and black women. Indeed, according to the Women in the Workplace 2018 report, black women receive little to no help navigating office politics and managing their work-life balance.Things are beginning to change. Corporates are focusing on progress and opportunity for the women in their firms. While it is a slow-moving revolution, you have now the law, the media, and large cultural groups on your side. 

Your past doesn’t define you

Everybody has made mistakes, and it’s fair to be honest and own them. But one thing that shouldn’t happen is to carry the consequences of something you didn’t do. Did you know that every day the police are forced to intervene in such difficult situations that they need to react quickly to bring back order? As a result, they might arrest bystanders in an effort to clear out the area. It’s a case of being there at the wrong time, and while you may not be convicted of any crime, the misfortunate adventure lands you a record in some states. If you’re worried about future employers’ reactions, you can expunge your criminal record. Having the ability to say you don’t have a criminal record can open new opportunities.  

It’s never too late to learn

Your education could help you to get a promotion. More and more adults consider going back to their studies to pursue their professional goals. Admittedly, you need to be sure of yourself. Pursuing a college degree means a lot of work – even for online programs – and a lot of money. But if the math is in your favor, don’t let anything stop you. 

Don’t let resume-writing rules stop you

Every resume follows the same rules; therefore, every resume looks the same. But you can break the rules to inject some humanity and personality. Have you considered a human-voiced resume that tells your story without the job seeker’s jargon? Stay away from stiff language and endless lists of skills. Telling your story is how you win! 

In conclusion, you are the master of your professional career. You get to introduce yourself the way you want to. You don’t let empty rules, skill sets, past records or even discriminatory behaviors define who you are and what you can do. There is no denying that landing your dream job is hard work. But the first step is to understand that you are in charge. 

Staff Writer; Paul Shaw

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