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Exercising More Authoritative Intent Over Your Business.

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( Sometimes, we can be impeded by the systems we might have created. It can be tough as a business owner to see things not working out, particularly if we have been following our best-informed decision making practice thus far. Business owners all over the world have their down periods, and while this can be worrying, sometimes it can also inspire great change.

This is what might interest you. Exercising more authoritative intent over your business could be the measure that is needed. This can come when you’re tired of the excuses, of the sense of defeat, of the slow march into irrelevance that so many firms can fall victim to. Perhaps you just feel that the first is stagnating despite its success, and doesn’t quite represent the values you might have opened the business for in the first place.

So where do you go from there? What can you do with this somewhat frustrated energy? Well, the fact that you might be asking those questions shows you care, and have the fire to change things. So let’s get started, shall we?

Become A Mascot

It could be that you’re tired of your business continually offering the same cookie-cutter marketing copy and prose that gains relatively little attention, possibly because of how standardized it is. If you wish to make others as excited as you are for your own firm, why not become a mascot for it? Or at least, become the face of it? This can be worthwhile for even massive corporations. Keep in mind the latest marketing efforts of Nintendo, one of the largest video game companies on the planet.

They are very vocal about introducing their latest CEO’s and introducing them, having them talk through product releases through announcements, and generally remaining a pleasant presence throughout. There’s no reason why you can’t also do this, and why that should prove too difficult for you to do. If you believe in your product, standing behind it can foster faith and encouragement.


Searching for the exact location you might wish to find can be important. A sense of accomplishment comes when you fight for the place you most wish to situate your office, or upgrade your offices to. Searching for excellent commercial property for sale can help you recce these environments and also help you see just what might work the most appropriately for your firm at large. This can be a fantastic means of developing authoritative intent.


Instead of just celebrating your hard-working staff through a gift card from time to time, having your presence felt and an award given to a certain excellent employee might be the grounding you need to get more involved with the workforce, particularly if this is no longer your department as someone at the head of a firm. This feel-good scenario can also help you ensure morale is boosted in the office whenever you are present.

With these tips – you’re certain to exercise more authoritative intent over your business.

Staff Writer; Fred Jackson

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