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Shock and Awe, Donald Trump Style.

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( President Donald Trump delivered a haymaker to the bully freshman House of Representative class of Democrats when he told them to shut up or get out. He took an old political phrase and served it with blue-collar articulation—half-cooked and cold. You know the phrase, “America, Love it or Leave it.”  Remember when it was on bumper stickers and buttons?  It was a phrase to remind Anti-American subversives who were at the time not just critical of America but were intent on destroying the very fabric of our country. Well, sadly, they are back and will destroy our county—if we let them.

A group of malcontent snotty-nosed freshmen lawmakers in the House of Representatives are pushing an anti-American agenda. But they are up against an opponent who hits back.  In a series of recent tweets, President Trump unleashed—let’s say—the MOAT (Mother Of All Tweets). Then he doubled down on it the next day. Any other GOP politician would have walked it back, apologized and gone into seclusion until the backlash subsided. Not Trump. These America haters are up against a president who loves America and defends and praises the U.S. everywhere he goes, and at every chance he gets, to do so.

What these freshmen brats forget is that Trump is not afraid to color outside the lines of traditionally defined behavior for presidents that go back to the founding of this nation. He has redefined the office of the president. He has reformulated what it means to be a Republican and a conservative. Trump fights back like no Republican ever has. When the left throws rocks at him, he picks those rock up and hurls them right back. He fights with very few reliable fighters on his side on Capitol Hill. Most GOPers are still afraid of the left and choose to stay close to the shore and roll over. They say they are not a “Trump-kind-of-Republican.”   Someone needs to remind the left that Trump doesn’t just counterpunch, he punches first when strategically advantageous and forces Democrats to respond to him. People love it, and Trump knows it.

Consequently, the left has defined new rules of engagement for themselves about what they can get away with—what they can say or do in the political arena and with impunity. They get plenty of cover from their accomplices in the liberal media. The editorial boards of The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and the anchors of CNN and MSNBC and network television carry their water.   They control the language. It has given them an advantage in political discourse. They can say whatever they want about whoever they want and without political liability.

These folks on the left refuse to denounce the use of political violence by Antifa. Really? As if it is that difficult to see the violence these miscreants routinely use. The left has also called Trump Hitler, accused him of criminal behavior where there is no evidence, Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib twice said at rallies, …we are gonna impeach that mother- (then dropped an f-bomb) referring to Trump.  Since the day Trump was elected, the left has engaged not in traditional political opposition but downright raw resistance. They have mistreated his family and lie that he puts kids in cages at detention facilities. From the day he was sworn in as the 45th president, he has fought back and in unconventional ways. And he is winning. He knows the enemy, and he identifies it to the American people. Then he goes after them.  His never-back-down style has Democrats and the left pulling their hair out. I love it. None of the tactics they have used in the past to get rid of political opposition or Republicans has worked. They can’t get rid of him. He never tires of the fight and he won’t. Not only has his base had it with the constant aggression against Trump; there is no doubt in my mind that even people not politically active have had it too. They are tired of hearing about white privilege, reparations and the myth of their implicit bias against minorities.  It’s Trump’s turn to feed the beast like the left does with their rabid base when they call every American not swallowing their agenda, a racist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, xenophobe or misogynist. And he did not disappoint with his tweets. What the left does not understand about Trump’s base is that they live vicariously through him. When they see him mistreated, they feel mistreated. It’s that basket of deplorables moment all over again. In other words, we are all Trump.

Silently many Trump supporters understood Trump’s blue-collar way of telling those who hate America to love it or leave it. Politically only Trump could say it the way he did and not lose voters. Many of his supporters nodded to themselves in agreement.

There is an emotional connection between President Trump and his supporters that mirrors the emotional support between black voters and Obama. Good, bad, indifferent and whether Obama was wrong on something or not, black voters were not abandoning Obama. As with Trump supporters, we won’t leave him either. There is nothing you can do to change that; he’s our guy. Are we clear?

Columnist; Sheriff David Clarke

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