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What To Do With That Surge Of Creative Energy.

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( Do you ever have those moments that truly inspire you? Those that leave you thinking that the future isn’t so bad, that you can achieve anything you want to, that you are able to do anything if you put your mind to it? This can often come if we succeed at something, if we finish a particularly hard session in the gym, or if we express ourselves creatively and are happy with the results. Those charged moments can be rare, and they demand to be noticed. They can strangely help us feel like our truest selves when they come – and that’s why you need to focus on them.

The truth is, this creative surge of energy can help direct you to better things. You just need to direct it, to consider its use, and to make hay while the sun shines. Otherwise, it can evade you. For those in business, creative arts or simply trying to achieve a dream, we very much hope that you are able to make use of the following:

Make Notes

It’s important to note down your ideas when they come. Perhaps you have finally worked out that resolution between two characters in your novel, you realize that studying at Kent State University is your ideal for a great musical education, or that you wish to stop holding yourself back and apply for that sculpting course. Make notes. Not just notes you’ll discard – but notes that you’ll see. Having them around your work monitor can help you see them each day. It’s important to remind yourself of what the idea was before they slip out of your hands. Worthwhile creative ambition like this can truly help you for the better, but only if you allow that conduit to become something you keep in mind.

Make Actionable Steps

Actionable steps can turn any vague idea into something you can apply. It can be hard to start that middle ground of planning, so why not begin as soon as the creative excitement hits you? Perhaps organizing your website to become a little clearer, managing the next few people you need to contact to make this a reality, or seeing what events you could attend (such as a university open day) can give you a goal to look forward to and enjoy. You can try using a creativity journal to write down all of your ideas and keep track of them.

Embolden Yourself

Find others who also have that creative energy. You might read the biography of a great artist, ask to play in a local open mic, decide to test out your comedic material on friends or perhaps another open mic, purchase the paints required to help you begin, or simply stop holding yourself back and making excuses in the first place. If you can do all of this, suddenly you approach becomes more feasible and realistic. Momentum is essential, so why not get the ball rolling right now? This could be a truly worthwhile effort.

With these tips, we hope you’re better able to use that creative energy as a worthwhile conduit towards your dreams.

Staff Writer; Paul Shaw

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