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Three Ways to Nail That Promotion.

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(Akiit.com) Getting ahead in your job can be a labour of love. You’re looking for that promotion that you deserve but it seems a long time coming. What can you do to make that process happen quicker and how can you show the boss that it’s time to recognise you as a valuable member of the team?

In this blog we look at three ways to gain leverage for promotion and what you need to do to move up the corporate ladder.

Make it Clearer

That promotion and that pay rise are definitely on your mind but does your boss know where you’re heading? Don’t be shy about this, ask the boss for ten minutes of their time to talk through your career options. If your boss is one of the good ones, they’ll value learning about your ambitions and encourage you to reach your goals. They may even help you put together some key milestones to get that promotion you need.

If your boss isn’t as helpful as you would like, then you may have to consider asking your HR team for further guidance on how to attain a structured approach to promotion. When you find yourself hitting a brick wall, it maybe time to put the brakes on this role and start the search for more fulfilled employment with much better prospects.

Get More Qualified

If you’re struggling to move up the career ladder then consider giving yourself a boost by getting some training under your belt. It might be that your company will offer some courses for you to join, particularly if they are practical and will benefit both you and the business you’re in. You might find yourself asking the boss who can tag lifting equipment and then finding a course that equips you as the qualified and competent answer on your team.

Even if you can’t find courses in-house your local technical training college might find some answers for you. You may want to look at courses within your own industry, or if you’re feeling like a fresh start you could consider qualifications that take you down a whole new path.

Raise Others

A true leader and a great boss is someone who values their team and helps them to achieve the best they can. If you already manage one or two people then help them to be the best that they can be. Offer them career support and guidance and any training that you think will help them in their own career goals.

Demonstrating great leadership and being available to your staff are some of the reasons why you’re going to stand out as an ideal candidate for promotion. You’ve got everything you need, you just need to show your boss that you’re more than capable, more than ready to take on that extra responsibility and accept that pay rise. Now is your moment, get the wheels turning today and make a plan for your next career step towards the top.

Staff Writer; George Ford

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