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The Benefits of a Beautifully Designed Workplace.

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( A lot of people recognize that a beautiful workplace can have a drastic impact on your workplace’s productivity, but most people don’t actually know why that is. They understand that they need to invest in their workplace to improve its overall productivity and functionality, but they’re not sure what the most functional upgrades are.

So in this article, we’re going to talk about the benefits of a beautifully designed workplace and how you can achieve it with effective renovations and changes that won’t disrupt your workflow.

What to consider before renovating your workplace

Before we dive into the amazing benefits of a beautiful workplace, it’s important to understand what these changes imply. For starters, renovating your workplace is going to kick your employees out because contractors are going to need access to everything from ceilings to floors. It’s also going to be an expensive endeavour, especially if you contact services that can custom-design furniture pieces for you. There is the option of using modular work furniture that can fit the shape of your office space, but it’s not as flexible as a fully bespoke option. You can provide more privacy and divide sections of the office space by using glass office walls. Also, a creative neo sign created by Neon Mama, can add a little flavor to any formal office area. They are functional and stylish too. After these renovations, employing commercial carpet cleaning services in Atlanta, GA, or wherever you are currently located, can ensure that your office space not only looks new but is also hygienically maintained.

You’ll also have to consider the effect it has on your workplace and if it can meet your expectations when it comes to the return on your investment. If it doesn’t improve your productivity enough for you to see increased revenue and productivity, then it’s arguably not a good choice to renovate right now. You’re also going to need to think about planning permission as not every landlord will offer you the same possibilities.

Lastly, we suggest that for any services you contact for bespoke work, make sure you visit their showrooms and speak to them for a couple of days before deciding on them as your primary contractor. The last thing you want is to work with a bad-mannered contractor that doesn’t deliver on their promises.

What if I don’t have an office?

As you may have noticed, a lot of this talk is about renovating your office to get a beautiful workplace, but what if you don’t have an office? What if you’re still looking to get the benefits of a wonderful office but work freelance or remotely?

In a case like this, we suggest that you take a look into co-working spaces such as the many Bond Collective locations around the country. These are fantastic options to help you become more productive at work without the need for renovating an office or heavy investment. This is a fantastic option for those who are freelancing or prefer to work away from the office if they’re able to.

It’s still a brilliant way to get a completely different office work experience and is a fantastic way to enjoy all of the benefits that we’re going to be listing below.

What can you expect from a beautifully designed workplace?

Without further ado, let’s dive into the major benefits of good workplace design and how it affects the people working in it.

  • Ability to attract new recruits. One of the best ways to attract new recruits is to actually make your office look like a welcoming and productive place to stay at. This is because they’ll see your office and view it as a luxurious space if it’s designed well, giving them more reason to pick you over other options. You can also take some beautiful photographs of your office to place on recruitment advertisements. There are lots of ways to make your workplace more attractive, so refer to the tips below for a bit more information on how to do so.
  • More productive employees. A well-designed workplace will ultimately improve the mood of your team. If you find that your employees are slowing down because they’re getting distracted or because it’s difficult to collaborate, then it could negatively affect their performance. Monitor your employees and how they interact with your workplace and figure out how you can redesign your office to help them become more productive. It’s not as easy as just adding things to your office so that you can make it more attractive–you will need to speak to your employees to see how you can make them more productive. For instance, they might be having a hard time because their seat is uncomfortable or maybe their lack of productivity is due to a lack of guidance in their tasks.
  • Fewer distractions for your staff. With a properly-designed office, your staff are far less likely to be distracted by their environment. Whether it’s removing bright and noisy walls, cleaning up the office to make it a more welcoming place or even adding some soothing decor, there are lots of ways to reduce distractions and improve the peaceful qualities of your office. You’ll want to remove any kind of entertainment from their immediate vicinity and focus on keeping their attention on their work.
  • Improved employee retention. A beautiful office works wonders for retaining employees. A surprising number of people will leave their workplace if they don’t think that it’s fit for them or if they have concerns about the safety and ergonomics of your office. One of the biggest reasons for this is due to the ergonomics of your office. If you’re using rigid chairs that are uncomfortable for working purposes, then you’ll need to reconsider the furniture you use and consider upgrading. Things like an epoxy resin table, support pillow for your office chair, and even monitor arms are essential to make using computers more comfortable, and it should be a consideration when redesigning your workplace.
  • Streamlined work processes. Redesigning your workplace is a good opportunity to optimize work processes, especially if there’s a lot of people moving around in your workplace. If you find that there are certain limitations caused by the physical placement of furniture or walls, then a complete redesign could eliminate those issues. Watch how your employees interact with each other and how they carry their tasks, then consider streamlining work processes by getting rid of anything that gets in their way.
  • Improved employee mood. Beautiful workplaces can do a lot for improving one’s mood. If you’re able to add some tranquil decorations, use color psychology to your advantage and also make it a clean and inviting office, you’ll find that your employees will be a lot happier throughout the workday. We suggest looking at motivational prints and also using cool and calm colors such as green and blue to help redesign your office into something more soothing.
  • Increased collaboration opportunities. Redesigning your office to allow for more collaborative opportunities is a fantastic idea if you’re willing to plan for it. This could include adding large work tables that are designed for multiple people, removing walls that segregate teams and also adding meeting spots that are designed with collaborative work in mind. Large tables, screens and sofa chairs are a great way to encourage collaborative work processes, but you also need to consider breaking down walls to make it easier for your teams to communicate.

As you can see, good workplace design can have a huge effect on the people working in your office. Even if you don’t own an office and simply want to take advantage of these benefits, it’s completely possible by utilizing modern co-working spaces or even trying to redesign your home office around some of these principles.

We hope that this article has informed you of the benefits of a beautifully-designed workplace and also taught you a few tricks that you can make use of in your own office space.

Staff Writer; Lou James


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