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Are We On Track For Earth Day 50th Anniversary?

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( With around three months until Earth Day 2020, which marks 50 whole years of earth days, it’s a good time to reflect on how the world’s largest environmental movement has evolved. Ultimately, recent years have made it clear that there are still plenty of environmental challenges that need to be tackled. While it is a huge opportunity to make people aware of climate change and help them to develop proactive approaches to protect the planet, it’s also the perfect occasion to measure the results of our combined global efforts. Are citizens’ initiatives helping to mitigate risks to the environment? Can we celebrate Earth Day 50th anniversary with the satisfaction of having changes things for the better in the last 50 years? 

A reminder of 2010

Perhaps it is fair to look back at the latest Earth Day milestone in 2010 when environmental concerns seemed to be pushed aside for the sake of political expediency. In 2010, off-shore drilling and nuclear power plants discussions were still on the cards, standing in sharp contrast with the Earth Day beliefs and aspirations. The oil industry was, then, a bigger economic player than it is today. However, oil and gas industries were not part of any discussions to develop green energy or focus on a transitional phase towards more sustainable energy techniques. Talks about replacing fossil fuels were only beginning to appear. And, truth be told, nobody at the time was willing to take them seriously. How could one replace such a large scale industry?

Energy regulations and standards are appearing 

In the meantime, businesses and governments alike have come to realize that we’ve hit a point of no return. Concerns about energy management have influenced all industries, starting with the building sector where the AABC Commissioning Group is helping third-party professionals to conduct commissions with the introduction of energy standards. Businesses of all industries are made responsible for their carbon footprints, encouraging commercial buildings and industrial plants to compete on energy performance and efficiency. 

The public resistance to fossil fuels is growing

Nowadays, there is no excuse for governments to resist a fossil fuel transition. Environmental awareness is spreading; individuals are making a conscious choice to reduce their carbon footprint and become less reliant on fossil fuels. As a result, it is indispensable for the oil and gas industries to engage in the energy transition and develop renewable and green energy production. Consequently, more and trading schemes have made a low carbon footprint an entry condition to their market. However, even though global citizens are looking for a green solution, it doesn’t exist yet. 

Is 2020 going to be a green year? The answer is no, and by a long shot. However, as we approach the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, it is essential to note that we’ve made positive progress. More and more individuals are committed to protecting the environment, and they are making their voices heard. People such as Greta Thunberg are helping to move things forward, even if things happen slowly. It’s fair to say that we may not be in a position to reverse climate change by the end of 2020. However, the environmental commitment is growing and gaining momentum. We can only try to make it go further for the sake of the planet and ourselves. 

Staff Writer; Ricky Shaw

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