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Why Is Communication So Important To Companies?

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( It’s something we hear time and time again; when we look at the most important functions of any type of business, whether it’s a food business or a marketing agency, communication is always the most important component to help a company develop. But while this is such an oft used sentiment, why is communication so important to companies and how can you implement better communication methods, in a figurative and literal sense?

It Builds Relationships

Inside and outside of the company communication is crucial for building relationships; it is the bread-and-butter of any company. And having this in place means that every process can be deconstructed or constructed appropriately and therefore productive relationships soon follow. There are ways to implement this inside and outside of the office. There are technical components like a business phone that can ensure consistent communication with workers in-house as well as remote employees. Building relationships now when there are so many employees or clients dotted around the globe is far more difficult to achieve.

It Creates The Company That You Want

Building transparency in every aspect of a business is something that we all strive for but this means when we are attempting to create the company that we want to see, transparency is usually a long way off. Ensuring that the communication channels are open in every single way means that we are going to facilitate innovation but also ensure that transparency becomes a bedrock of the business. When you’re looking to manage employees effectively you need to remember that you’ve got to be an effective communicator so you can inform your staff of what is expected from them. Likewise, you need to ensure that you can provide constructive feedback to everyone, and they to you.

It Results In Growth

Growth isn’t just about the bottom line, but it’s about remembering that communication is the most essential component in every aspect of how you operate. From your marketing to your relationships within the supply chain growth is such an important component that helps an organization to thrive but it can also help to implement better processes. This results in improved productivity and minimizes delays in the implementations of specific policies. Growth is something we need to monitor on a regular basis but as many companies don’t implement the infrastructure for growth they don’t reap the benefits. This is especially true of startup companies and those that are operating within a very small pool.

We also need to remember that communication is the way to build an effective team. We are only as good as our employees and when we start to implement a better communication policy, not just in terms of the tech that we use, but also with regards to the way we conduct ourselves, we start to lead by example and set the template that we want our employees to follow. Communication is something that we recognize to be an essential component but we might feel that there are other plates that need more ferocious spinning within the business. Communication is one of those soft skills that can fall by the wayside if you let it. 

Staff Writer; Lisa Adams

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