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How To Get Your Small Business Involved In The Local Community.

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( When you first start your business, you are focusing on the idea, the funding, the operational logistics, the premises and the products. You then move on to thinking about the customers, you then launch, and then finally, you take a breath and look around. That is when it hits you. You are now running a business in your neighborhood and you are now an integral part of it. These people are your fellow business owners and they are your customers. Which is the point where we want to jump in and help you today as we suggest a few ideas around how to get your small business involved in the local community. 

Attend any networking meetings

The first place to start it by getting your face known. You will want to attend any local networking meetings and introduce yourself. Get to know the other businesses in your area, both the business and the person behind it. These people could also be customers and more importantly, they can provide advice and support. Be sure to make this a two-way street and help others as much as you can and share any successes that you have been having.

If there are no networking events available, then take some time to pop into local stores and offices to get to know people. Or better still, you could start your own networking group up and invite others along. 

Hold a launch event

Holding a launch event is a great way to put your business on the map. It is an opportunity to spread the news about your business and a fun way to meet people in your community. Be sure to let the local press know all about it so that they can both cover the news and help you to spread the word. 

As you circulate, take the time to chat to people personally and start to make connections. Your community needs to see and get to know the face behind the business in order to buy into what you are doing. 

Your launch event is an opportunity to see what works well within your community, so you can seek to replicate the more successful elements the next time that you have a new product to showcase or news to share. 

Support any community fundraisers

Most communities hold fundraisers from time to time. This could be anything from a one-off for a citizen or group in need, to an annual event such as a Christmas fair. Make sure that you get your business involved and take on some aspects of running or supporting the event. 

If there is nothing going on but you spot a good cause, then do go ahead and work to raise funds or man-hours for it. Where possible, look for something that aligns well with your business and branding. For example, if the environment and sustainability are key to your values and branding, you might set up a community garden or organize a litter pick. 

If you are seeking to commemorate or celebrate personalities within your community, then you could contribute to engraved bricks, pavers and tiles or agree to display them on your own premises. 

Staff Writer; Peter Short

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