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Four Ways Your Network Security Can Be Compromised.

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( Network security is very important to keep on a list of priorities because nowadays, it can be very easy to fall victim to a breach. Here are four ways your network security can be compromised.

Phishing Emails

Phishing emails are ones that have been around for a while now, and although many of us can spot a spammy or a potentially harmful email, hackers are definitely getting better at it. They’re doing a lot of scams now where they’re finding your contacts that you know and then trying to create emails that seem to come from them personally. You should always try to follow up these requests with the owner of the email to check if they did, in fact, send it because chances are they didn’t. Don’t let yourself become a victim, and you can learn more about how to find those management services, who can help you with your cybersecurity. Pay attention to emails you get and take a good long look at the email it’s sent from to check it’s legit. Chase it through different forms of communication before you start responding.

Dodgy Websites

Most websites are ok to browse, and you can usually find that most will have a grey lock or green lock, up by the left of the weblink. However, not all websites are going to be good, some may be dodgy to go on and potentially harbor viruses. A good way to avoid this is by having the right anti-ware or software linked up to your network to highlight any websites that are potentially dangerous and block you from going onto the site because of said risk. Sometimes there might not actually be one, but there may be something in the website’s coding that’s flagging it up to your security software. Make sure you’ve got this on all your workstations just to help your staff browse safely.

Poor Security On Servers

Your servers contain really important data, and if ever they were to be compromised, it could potentially ruin your business. There are lots of options out there, but as many businesses are likely doing, it’s good to upgrade your servers and have unbreakable security. A lot of companies will tend to ignore or skip upgrading the servers and the security levels for financial reasons or just laziness. And it’s these companies that will end up suffering because of it. They’ll  certainly wish they made the changes to protect themselves more.

Unsafe Downloads

And finally, be wary of what you and your staff are downloading on a daily basis, especially downloads that may have started downloading of their own accord. This is never a good sign, so it may be worth putting a piece of software on your computers that asks first before downloading anything. This might help any potentially unsafe downloads from downloading on their own and infecting the computer.

Your network security is important, so don’t fall behind on its upkeep. Look after it, and never be comfortable when it comes to security.

Staff Writer; Greg Jones

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