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Michigan, Donald Trump, Whitmer and the Chicoms.

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( While President Trump is working hard to rebuild Michigan’s economy, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her minions are doing everything they can to destroy it.

President Trump visited a Michigan Ford Motor Company auto plant his administration had retooled into a veritable “arsenal of health care,” turning out ventilators for the nation and the world.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s response? Scold the company whose name is synonymous with Detroit.

But it gets worse. The day after President Trump went to Ford to celebrate American know-how and the renaissance of American manufacturing, Nessel went to court to literally shut down the energy Michiganders depend on.

AG Nessel and her boss Whitmer want to close an existing pipeline now, years before its replacement is finished. Their jihad would destroy thousands of good-paying jobs across the state.

How did Michigan get saddled with such Green New Deal true believers?

You can thank Wall Street bigwigs Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer who pumped millions in dark money to elect them.

Bloomberg and Steyer are quite open about their passion to shut down the American energy industry. These two billionaires spend their fortunes buying politicians who will push their job-killing policies and cripple America’s economy.

Having made millions in the fossil fuel industry here and in China, Steyer is now the Green New Deal’s leading evangelist.

Mike Bloomberg, meanwhile, has no use for manufacturing in America. He would make it impossible for anyone to work in a factory – because there will be no factories.

Bloomberg is advancing his “climate change” agenda by paying activist lawyers working in 10 state attorney general offices run by Democrats.

And Michigan may be their next home. Emails obtained through a freedom of information request reveal Michigan Assistant Attorney General Skip Pruss in discussions to bring on one of Bloomberg’s legal mercenaries.

Whitmer’s hard lockdown order is of a piece with her green new deal anti-energy agenda. They both shut down the way of life Americans are accustomed to and substitute it with government control over every aspect of life.

Let’s not miss the big picture: Whitmer, Nessel, Bloomberg and the other pied pipers of the Green New Deal are playing right into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

The CCP is intent on taking over the world and has been waging unrestricted economic warfare to achieve its goal.

The CCP destroyed our manufacturing industries through predatory trade practices. It bought off Wall Street with lucrative deals in China, turning our finance industry and people like Mike Bloomberg into lobbyists for Beijing. Our media industry is compromised by investments and business interests in red China.

The CCP knows shutting down American energy is the quickest way to destroy the American economy.

The CCP sees an opportunity in the pandemic to overtake us as our economy is on the ropes.

The continue-the-shutdown crew are useful idiots for the CCP, just as they are when they push the Green New Deal and blame the pandemic on President Trump rather than on China’s dictator, Xi Jinping.

President Trump stood up to China and built an economy that was the envy of the world.

The Whitmer Democrats shut down Michigan’s economy. Their crusade against energy would keep it shut down permanently.

Beijing is on their side.

President Trump is on ours.

Columnist; Curtis Ellis

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