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Easy Ways To Fund Your Business.

( Starting a new business and being your own boss is often top of the bucket list of many aspiring entrepreneurs. If you’ve got a plan for new business and believe in the business plan you’ve drawn up, you’ve already done the first difficult bit. The next step is to fund your plan, which is not always easy to do. Get your plan in good shape, and you can find the money you need in a few different ways. You could choose just one funding option or combine a few together, and you can secure your start-up funds in no time.

Fund The Business Yourself

If you’re planning to start with a very small business and have a steady plan for growth, you may be able to afford to fund the first stages of your business from your own money. Open a bank account that you use only for your business, and keep this separate from your own bank account. This makes it easier to keep your money straight, as you can easily tell which money is for what.

Fund the early costs with a credit card for the business. Use this card to pay for the first expenses of getting up and running. It could be used for things like hiring someone to build your websites or buying supplies like stationery or any equipment that you need, like printers or computing equipment. 

If you have enough fund in personal savings, you could use this to invest in your start-up costs. A combination of savings and a credit card is a common way to get going. 

Find Some Investors

If you’re confident that your business plan is solid, you could seek out an investor for your business. 

A common place to find those first investors is by approaching your friends and family. Be careful with this option though, as your relationships could suffer if your family don’t get back their money. If you decide to pursue this investment option, make sure you use proper, legal contracts to keep their money safe and avoid any resentment and unpleasantness later on.

Getting the family involved isn’t always the best option. Instead, you can find an investor through angel investment. If these investors think you have a business plan that will work, they will give you the money to get your business started. Usually, an investment like this is in exchange for ownership equity. 

Take Out A Loan

Investment usually means selling equity in your business. Not everyone is happy about doing this. If you’re not, you should look into loans or other financing options. Small business loans are an ideal option, as these loans are designed with new business owners in mind. You can use a broker to find you a fair loan, with repayment terms you can afford to pay back. Specialist financing, such as through companies like BSF, who fund funeral homes,  can be ideal if you’re trying to find funding for a more unusual business.

Staff Writer; Steve Brown

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