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Can Democrats ‘mail in’ Uncle Joe Biden’s election?

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( The man in black solemnly stepped forward and placed a flower wreath at the military graveyard’s central display as TV cameras from many networks recorded the ceremony to mark Memorial Day.

Americans whose loved ones gave some, or gave all, for our nation expect this annual moment of honor and remembrance from our president.

But what the networks repeatedly broadcast was not our president. It was presidential candidate Joe Biden carrying out a sacred presidential ritual as if he, not Donald Trump, were president and commander in chief.

“Stolen valor” is the crime of using someone else’s military medals to pretend to be a battlefield hero. Joe Biden on Memorial Day pretended to be the commander in chief by having leftist TV networks record him staging a presidential ritual at a military cemetery in Delaware.

Biden, wearing a bandit-like mask, deceived people by stealing the valor only the duly elected commander in chief traditionally honors, typically at Arlington national military cemetery. Biden’s Delaware ceremony was given more airtime by Trump-hating networks than the official Memorial Day ceremony.

In effect, Joe Biden stole the sacred honor of our military dead in a tawdry, self-serving publicity stunt, standing atop their bodies to make himself appear taller. It was shameful.

But so much about Joe Biden is shameful. He is a wholly owned subsidiary of Communist China, from which he helped son Hunter – thrown out of the Navy Reserve for illicit cocaine use – pocket $1.5 billion in a largely secret deal Xi Jinping could use to blackmail a future President Biden.

Biden is accused of rape. Days ago another leftist, Democratic socialist Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, joined the Democratic chorus saying they believe Biden did rape a female staffer … but are voting for him anyway. Biden refuses to open his sealed archive at the University of Delaware that might contain evidence bolstering his victim’s case. His operatives recently dug through that archive and may have removed incriminating documents.

Biden likewise refuses to disclose where the millions come from that fund his tax-exempt foundations, which actually pay the salaries of many political operatives. Some suspect that Biden’s biggest secret funder is Communist China.

Democrats are concerned that Biden is hiding in his basement, “mailing in” his campaign, talking to interviewers for no more than seven minutes at a time with help from a teleprompter and words carefully scripted (or prompted via his hidden earpiece) by his handlers.

When Biden goes off script, he quickly blunders, e.g., patronizingly telling African Americans that “you ain’t black” if not automatically voting for him. (As Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, Biden led the “high-tech lynching” that almost destroyed black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.)

Is Biden going semi-senile? His doctor at his physical late last year somehow never gave Biden a cognitive test, despite his worrisome symptoms and two brain aneurisms. Can America risk Biden’s finger on the nuclear button, or his brain negotiating our future with Communist China?

Despite his cognitive challenges, the leftist power-craving cabal that hijacked the Democratic Party is confident they can elect Joe Biden president. How?

They plan to unionize the November election and “manufacture” a Biden victory.

They plan to impose nationwide voting by mail, and more than 93 percent of those mail-in ballots would be carried, unsupervised, to the counting place by a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), AFL-CIO, which represents 277,000 active and retired letter carriers.

This labor union in 2018 made political contributions to federal candidates of $1,342,000, of which 77 percent went to Democrats. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts pocketed $10,000 from NALC, as did South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, who single-handedly saved Biden’s sinking presidential primary campaign by urging African Americans to vote for him. No wonder House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now proposes spending $25 billion more for the U.S. Postal Service.

Most letter carriers are honest, decent, hardworking people who would not destroy absentee ballots from Trump-supporting neighborhoods. But pundits tell us that the November election could be decided by very few votes in key states.

If Pelosi gets her way, blank absentee ballots will flood every American mailbox, and Democratic operatives will also be able to “ballot harvest” them by the millions in a political environment where no voter IDs are permitted, all non-citizen and fake ballots count, and vote fraud will overwhelm all future elections.

Our democratic republic, as in California in 2018, will perish in a blizzard of dishonest paper ballots and be buried in a stuffed ballot box. The tombstone will read: “American Government Of We The People. Born 1776-Died 2020.”

Columnist; Lowell Ponte

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