Sunday, June 23, 2024

Donald Trump’s presidency but Hillary Clinton’s playbook?

( We are three-and-a-half years into Trump’s first presidential term, but why are we still in Hillary’s playbook?

I suppose it could be coincidence. Life is full of coincidences. Maybe winning lottery tickets are a coincidence. A man in our area recently bought two lottery tickets at the mini-mart, went home and got a call from the clerk at the store: “You forgot your free ticket.” He went back to the store, and the free ticket was worth over $6 million.

Have you ever sped up to go through a yellow traffic light, then knew you had to stop? Was somebody heading in the other direction over-anxious to get started? Is that coincidence?

Some people even believe that life arose from coincidence. The story I got on that in school was: Imagine three monkeys typing on three typewriters. They have all of eternity to write the Encyclopedia Britannica. That’s a lot of coincidences, all strung together.

But, back to our national playbook. Is it really coincidence that a strong-willed political outsider can step into the presidency and still end up playing by his opponent’s rules? Yes, there is momentum from the previous administration. Yes, there are dimwitted bureaucrats who thought nothing would change. Yes, there is internal resistance, when so many bureaucrats disagree with the new direction.

Then comes the Wuhan flu, the coronavirus pandemic. It mutates under the Batlady’s direction, escapes or is released from a Chinese bioweapons laboratory and shuts down the world’s economy. Governments at all levels panic, closing everything they can think of, fearing hospitals will be overrun and millions will die.

The president mobilizes the military to build hospitals. Governors demand help. But hospitals never even reach 50 percent of capacity. Elderly hospitalized patients are ordered by governors to be returned to their nursing homes, which cannot refuse them. The vast majority of the fatalities are among the elderly – in nursing homes.

Democratic politicians mobilize en masse to demand mail-in voting during the fall elections, because the entire nation must remain shut down until we have a cure. We must have socialism and guaranteed income now – before America recovers and the economy rises from the dead!

Is it a coincidence that the elderly lean Republican in their voting?

Is it a coincidence that names often remain on voter rolls for years after people die?

Is it a coincidence if ballots mailed to deceased voters are completed and counted as legitimate votes?

Is it a coincidence if these votes that previously leaned Republican are returned overwhelmingly Democrat?

Is it a coincidence if the deceased nursing home patients vote to return to power the very same politicians who killed them just in time for the election?

Is it a coincidence that the only “cure” for the virus must be a new vaccine, which we don’t have, and not an old malaria treatment we do have, one that has been used safely for over 50 years?

Would it be a coincidence if this same COVID-19 virus outbreak had occurred at about the same time and under similar circumstances, regardless of whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump was president?

Columnist; Craige McMillan

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