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Here’s Why You Should Celebrate and Commemorate Your Achievements.

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( Life can be stressful, complex, confusing, and difficult to figure out in all its various details.

One of the ways that people help to commemorate positive events in their lives, and keep themselves in track, is by taking regular and proactive steps to recognise and celebrate their achievements and accomplishments.

Whether you are the kind of person who likes to celebrate a windfall or a promotion at work with Cheap Little Cigars, or whether you are driven to celebrate by buying yourself a new fun fitness gadget, there are real benefits to celebrating and commemorating your achievements, that can often be overlooked.

Here are just a few reasons why you should celebrate and commemorate your achievements.


  • In order to build confidence and to help solidify your new sense of self



Whenever you’re working to achieve something significant in your life, or to transform yourself in a positive and significant sense, one of the most essential things for you to do will be to take steps to build your confidence and to solidify a new sense of self.

In other words, you will want to perform actions that help you to “believe” that you are the kind of person you are trying to become.

So, if you want to become fit you need to be able to convince yourself that you are a “sporty person.” If you lack that kind of self belief, it will be very difficult for you to maintain consistency, to feel good about yourself, and to overcome the challenges and obstacles that will inevitably arise from time to time.

Commemorating and celebrating your achievements along a given path, can certainly help you to feel more like you really fit the role that you are trying to fit – and this in turn can build confidence, and can generate a lot of positive momentum.


  • As a source of retrospective motivation for future challenges



There will always be setbacks, hardships, and obstacles that arise whenever you are on any path to achieving any goal.

One of the most pernicious things that happens when you’re confronted by a major setback when pursuing a value goal, is that your mind will begin to play tricks on you and you will very likely feel like a fraud, and doubt that you “have what it takes.”

If you have made a point of ignoring and downplaying all your previous achievements, it will therefore be much harder for you to actually generate the enthusiasm, motivation, and energy to move forward.

If you can look back on a mental record of your achievements and celebrations, however, there will be a lot more motivation to draw on when you need it.


  • So that you are enjoying your life, rather than just constantly chasing moving targets



Let’s face it; life is often difficult, and there is no reason to turn down opportunities for happiness and celebration when they arise.

Instead of constantly chasing moving targets, and hoping that you will feel fulfilled when you achieve the next goal down the line, take steps to actually celebrate and appreciate the successes you do achieve, when you achieve them.

Enjoy your life, rather than always putting off enjoyment for later.

Staff Writer; Terry Brown

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