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Politics with Mr. #45; Blame Anybody.

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( It’s so easy to blame somebody else. Donald Trump blames everything on somebody else while he takes responsibility for nothing. Everything has to satisfy his ego or in his mind, it’s fake news. So, he lies to keep the American people from panicking! He fails at that because no matter what he comes up with every day causes many American people to panic. He thinks it was Bob Woodward’s responsibility to tell the truth to the American people. So, what is his idea of presidential responsibilities?

With Trump, there’s something new every day, but it all works the same way. He’s like those kids who say the “darndest things.” The only difference in him and those kids is they’re not President! He’s a very chronologically advanced man who says dangerous things that make no sense while he thinks he’s really smart!

He has no sense of decency. The thing he does best is distort the truth to the point that no one believes anything he says. Those who follow him religiously can’t possibly be doing so because they believe he’s telling the truth or telling them anything that is going to help them. The people who follow him are either not paying attention to what he says or they never listen to real news.

I think he gets up every morning and figures out what lie he can tell that sounds more preposterous than the many he told the day before. Real reporters listen to him and can hardly wait to translate what they just heard. More often than not they’re pointing out his lies. He doesn’t even know how to keep his lies straight. He’ll give one answer today, and answer the exact opposite the next day.

He’s almost at the end of his painful four-year term, and he hasn’t yet realized he was President of the United States! He still doesn’t realize it’s the responsibility of the President who’s currently in the White House to fix whatever he thinks is broken.

He undermined everything scientists were telling him, and kept the truth about what was really going on. He knew how dangerous the pandemic was and still is. He obviously thinks that somebody else is charged with leading the country. Apparently, he was shocked to find out there was something he couldn’t control when he was told exactly what this “China Virus” as he calls it was likely to do. He spoke with Woodward in those 18 calls seemingly jubilant about how dangerous the virus was. He seemed to relish discovering something that was airborne and dangerous. It was like he had this big secret and was only going to tell Bob about it. He was gleeful to go out and tell the American people he had everything under control while knowing he was lying.

What kind of person plays games with a deadly disease that he knows is deadly; yet, gleefully tells the people he’s responsible for protecting that they shouldn’t do the very thing that might protect them? What kind of person would say such horrible things about military leaders who’re also responsible for protecting the American people at his command? Who believes those little Black kids sitting behind him as he speaks even know who he is?

When it comes to truthfulness, Joe Biden runs circles around Donald. It’s obvious Trump doesn’t even understand the concept of truth. What I don’t understand is why people who seem to have a bit of sense follow him religiously.

The way he told Woodward “You drank the Kool-Aid,” he doesn’t need to tell me again that he in no way can relate to the pain and suffering his white privilege still causes others.

Columnist; Dr. E. Faye Williams

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