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Top 4 Motorcycles Myths That Simply Aren’t True.

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( Motorcycles have an interesting reputation. On one hand, people see them as these cool vehicles that you can zip around on for fun. Motorcycles have traditionally been used in movies and TV shows as the method of transport for the ‘cool dude’ character. On the other hand, you have people that see them as a reckless chunk of metal on two wheels. Some drivers will hate motorcyclists, screaming out the window at them as they zoom on by. Consequently, loads of myths and misconceptions surrounding motorcycles have circulated for many years. People in both camps have been running their mouths, but is there any truth to what they say?

It’s impossible to go through all the statements about motorcycles over the years, but we can look at a few of the most common myths. In this post, you’ll see a few of the most frequently talked about motorcycle myths that simply aren’t true at all!

Motorcycles are faster than cars

If you asked 100 people if they thought motorcycles were faster than cars, 99 of them would say yes. It seems like such an obvious question, based on your experience on the roads. When you see motorbikes on the motorway, they’re always zooming past the cars. They just look and feel a lot faster, but is this true?

Strangely, motorcycles are not technically faster than cars. If you compared the fastest motorbike with the quickest car, the car would have a higher top speed. The bike may win on acceleration or 0-60 speed, but the car would be faster. This misconception comes from bikes being more maneuverable in daily life, meaning they can go faster through steady traffic than cars. Also, it’s easier for someone to buy a superbike with insane specs, compared to a supercar. Therefore, you think all motorcycles are faster because you see more fast motorbikes than fast cars! 

Motorcycles cost more to insure than cars

While this post is all about myths, there’s one true motorcycle claim: they’re more dangerous than cars. The stats show that motorcycles are more prone to accidents than cars, and the rider is more likely to be badly injured. For this reason, many riders will have the number of a motorcycle accident attorney saved in case anything does take a turn for the worse. This is especially obvious when you consider the lack of protection a motorbike has! Still, this makes many people assume that motorcycle insurance is a lot more than car insurance. Surely if this vehicle presents a higher risk, it means the insurance costs will reflect that?

Well, you’re wrong. As a general rule, motorcycles are cheaper to insure than cars. Obviously, you have all of the different factors coming into account. But, if the same person went to insure a car and a motorcycle for themselves, the car would be more expensive. The precise reasons for this are unknown – you’d have to talk to a motorcycle insurance agency to understand why. However, we can speculate that cars are more expensive to insure because they’re generally more expensive. So, it stands to reason that the more costly asset will demand more insurance. 

Motorcycles are much cheaper to run

Let’s stay on the topic of motorcycle costs for this next myth. It’s true that the price of a car will typically outweigh that of a motorcycle. Again, let’s acknowledge that there are exceptions to this rule. A top-of-the-range motorbike will be more expensive than an old used car. But, if you compare two top models side-by-side, the car will usually be more expensive. This leads to people saying that motorbikes are also cheaper to run. There’s some logic to this, and it’s actually fairly accurate. Motorcycles consume less fuel and have lower maintenance costs than cars. 

Nevertheless, problems occur when people act like cars are far more expensive to run. There’s this idea that you will spend two or three times the money on a car than a motorcycle. This simply isn’t true. Most motorcycles are cheaper to run, but only just. Owning a motorbike comes with some extra costs that you don’t get in a car – for example, the cost of all your driving gear. You don’t need a special suit or helmet to drive a car, but you do need one for a motorcycle. So, the running costs are cheaper, but it’s not as big a gap as you think. 

Motorcyclists break the rules

This myth is a favourite among car drivers that get annoyed with motorcyclists. You stop at a set of lights, only to hear the loud thrum of a motorbike lazily move its way through traffic. It bypasses you and ends up at the front of the line, ready to set off. You feel a burning desire to honk your horn or call the police. Why do motorcyclists think they can break the rules and just move through traffic like this? Everyone else has to stop, what makes them so special?

Ironically, motorcyclists are encouraged to do this! When you see them weave between traffic or go to the front of a queue, it’s for safety reasons. They do it to keep themselves – and you – safer. It all boils down to the acceleration these machines have. They’ve very light, and very explosive out of the blocks. If they were in a regular traffic line, there’s every chance they could fire ahead into the car in front. It would take a great deal of skill to slowly drive forward and avoid causing accidents. So, it’s safer for everyone if they’re at the front with nobody else ahead of them. You may be annoyed, but there’s nothing wrong with it at all. Contrary to what you believe, motorcyclists are not breaking the rules. 

It’s fun to look at these myths and see how many of them you fell for. You’re probably blown away by how many times you’ve heard these statements and believed them! It doesn’t matter, no harm comes from believing a few myths. At least you know the truth, so it might change your views on motorcycles. They can be dangerous, but they also present some benefits that a car can’t boast.

Staff Writer; Gary Ford

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