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Town Hall meeting; Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump.

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(  We’ve seen a lot of interesting times in the past four years, but each one seems to try to outdo the other.

First, Donald Trump decided not to follow the rules of the Debate Commission that ruled during this highly contagious virus and the fact that Trump had a diagnosis and was hospitalized with the virus, the second debate should be held virtually. After his behavior in the first Presidential debate with his opponent, VP Joe Biden, was a total disaster, he wanted a face to face repeat. I assume he thought he had a better chance of wiping the first debate off the map. This time he couldn’t pass an Executive Order to have his way!

We wound up with competing Town Hall meetings. That didn’t! Work out too well for him either.  The host was prepared for him and never allowed him to spread unchallenged information. When he said 85 percent of the people who wear masks actually contract the virus. She called him out. That was not the end of host corrections.

Let’s move to Joe Biden. He was very clear that the American people deserve to be heard. Specifically, he was speaking of the Supreme Court selection process. That was the second big event of the week. I listened carefully as the nominee responded to various questions. As one who is so concerned about the voting process now underway, I could not believe my ears when she said she could not conclude that voter intimidation was illegal!

She could not give an opinion on Roe v. Wade. As a lawyer, and as a woman, I had believed that case was settled law.

She certainly was willing to give her opinion on a felon’s right to own a firearm!

She appeared to be a very intelligent woman until it got to her defense of far-right issues. There she ran into a stone wall. It was obvious she had no shame about pleasing Trump and the far-right.

As a woman, I really wanted to be proud of her, but she left me no choice but to hope that Mr. Biden will level the playing field should he win the Presidency by expanding the Court! Otherwise, for years to come, we can just give up the rights of women, workers, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, Black, Hispanic and Native people.

If this week didn’t give all of us a reason to vote, we can just forget what happens on November 3rd and forget what happens in our lives for years to come.  All of these people asking these cutesy questions that sound like they think Trump may be a better choice of a leader than Joe Biden will be getting just what they deserve if their vote or their refusal to vote allows this election to be stolen for the most undeserving person the country has known in my lifetime!

Columnist; Dr. E. Faye Williams

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