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How To Take Care Of Your Hearing.

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( If there’s one thing that you should take care of from a young age, it’s your senses. You need to be able to see, so you go to get some glasses. You need to be able to hear, so you speak to an expert audiologist about your hearing and make sure that you can hear properly. Taking care of your hearing is a must if you want to avoid permanent hearing loss.

To be able to look after your hearing, you need to look into hearing loss prevention tips and techniques! Hearing loss is common later in life, but there are things that contribute to hearing loss over time. With this in mind, here are some tips to take care of your hearing and maximise your hearing abilities.


  1. Watch your noise levels when you are listening to music. Whether you are using earbuds to listen to your favorite tunes or you are off to a live concert, the noise levels are an important thing to look at. You need to make sure that the tiny hairs in your eardrums aren’t going to be damaged, and too much noise WILL damage them! It’s all about prevention as you cannot often reverse hearing loss!
  2. Wearing hearing protection if you are working on sites with a lot of noise is just a smart way to look after your hearing. You want to think about earplugs and headphones that will protect your ears from too much noise, and you should use them even when you are doing things like mowing the lawn.
  3. When you are swimming, wear earplugs. Being in the water for so long can damage the ear canal, and you should consider earplugs when surfing, skiing and diving, too. Sports are great fun but if you can avoid ear damage, you’re doing well!
  4. You should never put things in your ears to clean them, but you should make sure that you are seeing a hearing professional for a cleaning if you are concerned about a build-up of earwax. Earwax is the natural protection your ears use, and unless it’s a thickened and excessive amount, you shouldn’t remove it. Cotton buds damage the ear canal by pushing the wax in deeper, and this is more damaging for long-term movement.
  5. Don’t let problems with your ear fall by the wayside. Any pain or chronic aching should be checked out right away, and any infections should be treated right away. Anything without treatment can cause long-term damage and that’s not what you want for your ears. 

Your hearing is important and you need to think about looking after your hearing health as much as possible. Taking care of your hearing is the first step, and the next is to make sure that you are having regular hearing exams with your audiologist. It’s important not to leave your hearing behind when you are looking after your health. Take the time to make those appointments and don’t let your hearing go – especially if you are getting older.

Staff Writer; Lisa Moore

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