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7 Surprising Uses for an Air Compressor at Work.

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( It doesn’t matter whether you run a business or work for someone else. When you carry out your daily activities in the workplace, you’ll undoubtedly take advantage of some time-saving tools. Some of those tools might be ones you use on your computer, for example.

Other time-saving tools you use might be machines. It might seem unlikely, but did you know that air compressors can be surprisingly helpful in many ways in the workplace? Check out these examples that prove why you might want to invest in one for your work:

1. Painting

If you’ve ever visited a car body repair shop or seen some on TV or YouTube, you’ll undoubtedly know that the technicians paint cars using compressed air. The process is similar to how pressurized air pushes out paint from aerosol cans.

The main problems with painting stuff using aerosol cans are cost and lack of precision. You can solve both those problems using a suitable air compressor blow gun with a good quality air compressor.

2. Cleaning

Whether you find cleaning your workspace or any items you work on exhausting and challenging, an air compressor can help you out. That’s because you can use an air compressor to blast away any tough, ground-on dirt and grime.

You can simply use the compressed air alone to clean surfaces or use it in conjunction with a soft abrasive like baking soda. Such a gentle abrasive won’t damage the structure of an item, yet it’s strong enough to strip away dirt, oil, and things like light rust.

Air Compressor-2021

3. Inflation

Air compressors are handy gadgets to have in the workplace as you can use them for all kinds of purposes. Another popular way you can use an air compressor is to inflate things like tires and balloons.

What’s great about using air compressors for such purposes is they can do the work extremely quickly, depending on how you’ve got the machine configured.

4. Washing

If you don’t have a pressure washer and spend a lot of time washing stuff, an air compressor with a suitable water hose can supercharge your washing processes. One thing to note is that regular air compressors aren’t as powerful as standalone pressure washers.

However, they’ll provide at least double the pressure that your mains water system offers, making it a helpful suggestion if you want higher water pressure for cleaning. Plus, you want to take advantage of the other air compressor benefits listed on this page.

5. Nailing and Stapling

Do you manufacture items at your workplace? Are you still using inefficient hand tools to nail or staple items together? If the answer to both questions is yes, an air compressor with a suitable nail or staple gun attachment will solve those problems.

6. Sandblasting

An obvious use for an air compressor is sandblasting. Technically, you wouldn’t use sand as your blasting media for health concern reasons. Instead, you’d use tiny crushed glass, for example, to strip away paint and rust on surfaces.

7. Polishing

Lastly, you can use an air compressor for polishing surfaces like car body panels, furniture, and so forth with the proper polishing tool attachment.

Staff Writer; Jerry Shaw

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