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Reality and Energy.

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( “In traditional Africa, the spirit reality is the parent reality and the greater reality. The experience of the physical is a lesser reflection of the experience which manifests first in the spirit. The experience of the physical though meaningful, functions to facilitate the development of the spirit. Intellect and emotion are conditions of the physical reality and act in concert with the spirit to negotiate the physical reality and further facilitate the development of the spirit.” The Sankofa Movement ReAfrikanization & The Reality of War Kwame Agyei and AKua Nson Akoto page 104

Several years ago I wrote about the ancient African Memphite Theology and how numerous Europeans have glimpsed parts of the ancient wisdom but due they are unable to fully comprehend, grasp or apply the full ramifications of this reality. Western elites and their institutions function in opposition to the Memphite Theology because they fail to grasp the reality (truth) that the universe is actually ONE, a whole system of interconnected seemingly separate entities.

Today more and more Europeans are becoming aware the universe is more than what we experience with our five senses and more than what the value shaping institutions and media tell us it is. “Modern Physics appears to be proving ancient mystical philosophy. In the past 20 years studies that have tried to find the smallest particle or to explore the outer limits of space have come up with answers which support the ancient mystical philosophical view of the cosmos and the constitution of the human being.


Science is discovering that the universe is infinite in all directions both at the atomic (micro) level and the planetary (macro) level. It is also finding that what we call ‘matter’ is 99.9% empty space surrounded by an idea (information, thought) consciousness. Contrary to popular belief, quantum physicists cannot explain what matter is or what holds it together. The remaining .1% of mater which appears to be visible is also theorized by quantum physics (modern physics) to be an optical illusion.” The Hidden Properties of Matter The Mystical Teachings of Memphite Theology in Ancient Egypt by Dr. Muata Abhaya Ashby Cruzian Mystic Books page 48.

The ancient African Memphite Theology posits that all creation is an emanation and expression of the PRIMAL FIRST CAUSE/MOST HIGH/CREATOR the Nile Valley Africans called Ptah. They postulated that we are all energy/consciousness/spirit beings but our senses cannot perceive this because the energy is so subtle and vibrates at rates our limited senses and misdirected intellects cannot fathom.

 The best way to understand and experience this as our ancient ancestors told us was to “know thyself” because when we realize who and what we are we can grasp reality on a fuller basis. We are spiritual beings made not only in the image of the PRIME CUASE/CREATOR but of the same substance spirit/energy/consciousness only to a lesser extent. Yeshua Ben Joseph was correct when he said “The kingdom of God is within you.”

The best way to know ourselves is to go inward, inside ourselves. Unfortunately we are conditioned, taught and tricked to be outer directed so we can be coerced, manipulated and controlled by others. By going inward getting quiet and in tune with the inner spirit/consciousness we can raise our consciousness and vibration to receive insights and intuition from INFINITE INTELLIGENCE to solve our most pressing problems and address our most vexing challenges as well as gain an inner calm and peace that will help us become less fearful, anxious and stressed out.

Meditation is nothing spooky or strange; it is merely refocusing our attention whether it is on your breathing, a word, or listening and waiting for the still small voice to speak to you about whatever you need.  Learn to distinguish your higher self from mind chatter, the words and images that run through your mind like rush hour traffic. Learn to still your mind by practicing getting quiet and being a non judgmental observer of your thoughts and images that wander through. Learn to discern between the higher self’s wisdom and right guidance and what we have been conditioned, indoctrinated and brainwashed to believe and trust and follow its direction. We are all unique but made from the same consciousness/energy and spirit. This consciousness is all knowing and will speak to you in numerous ways that are different and unique. It may come in a dream, an instant flash of insight, it may come through an inner urge or prompting that feels right. We are all connected to and we all have access to this INTELLIGENCE/SPIRIT/CONSCIOUSNESS because it is an integral part of us; we just have to be open to the ways of FIRST CUASE/SPIRIT.

The Memphite Theology does not portray the FIRST CUASE/SPIRIT/CONSCIOUSNESS as a human; in fact the Africans called it the unseen mover and knew matter is nothing more than energy that appears solid and either animate or inanimate. Aboriginal people were called superstitious by Europeans because most Europeans do not fathom anything they cannot see, hear, taste or smell, to them such ideas are nonsense meaning not of the senses.

We are energetic beings our thoughts are energy that move in waves that can be seen and recorded on machines like an electroencephalogram or an MRI that show brain activity in various shades and colors. Our thoughts are powerful and they are things! Once we learn the implications of this reality, we can reorient and redirect our mental energy to improve our lives and our reality. Even Western science now admits our thoughts have a direct impact on your emotions and our emotions impact our physiological activities and wellbeing.

This is what Yeshua ben Joseph meant when he said, “repent the Kingdom of God is at hand.” In the New Testament the Greek word for repent is metanoia it means to change your mind, change what you think about, change the way you think and what you believe. We can change our reality but it takes work and courage to go against the grain, to be a non-conformist and to try new things. Obviously what I’m saying is not new. In his book Stolen Legacy George G.M. James revealed the essence of Nile Valley Mystery Schools  teachings, “In the Egyptian Mysteries the Neophyte was required to manifest the following soul attributes: control of thought and control of action… steadfastness of purpose, identity with spiritual life or higher ideals, evidence of having a mission in life and evidence of a call to spiritual orders or the Priesthood in the Mysteries as well as Freedom from resentment, confidence in the master as teacher and confidence in one’s own ability to learn and readiness for initiation” Stolen Legacy page 30.

This system worked for thousands of years. It was the foundation of the African reality a reality that the world still is in awe of and marvels!  It can work for us again today. We can employ it today. We can use our innate energy to elevate our vibrations and consciousness to change our lives, our world and our reality. If you try it and it doesn’t work you can always go back to what you were doing before.

Columnist; Junious Ricardo Stanton

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