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(2021) Fathers? Who needs ’em?

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( On this Father’s Day weekend, let’s examine a recurring theme among progressives: the evils of family. Specifically, the evils of an intact two-parent family. Y’know, with an evil patriarchal dad in the home. The horror.

Why is “family” so evil?

Nearly every ill America is now experiencing can be traced to the leftist agenda, and the left has never made any effort to disguise their loathing for the intact nuclear family. By reworking the concept of “family” to include every variable under the sun, they are able to shoehorn their fake families into mainstream America.

In fact, abolition of the nuclear family is one of the underpinnings of Marxism and can be found in “The Communist Manifesto.” It’s easy to understand why. Strong, united families are virtually immune to the lures of Marxism. “Leftism is rooted in Marxist collectivism and loyalty to the state,” notes Linda Goudsmit in PolitiCrossing. “Conservatism is rooted in individualism and loyalty to the family.” Therefore, the family must be smashed.

In 1884, a book entitled “The Origin of the Family” was published by Marx’s protégé, Friedrich Engels, as a posthumous tribute to the ideals of Marx. In the preface, Engels makes it clear that the book reflected Marx’s views. Engels envisioned a culture in which “the single family ceases to be the economic unit of society. Private housekeeping is transformed into a social industry. The care and education of the children becomes a public affair; society looks after all children alike, whether they are legitimate or not.”

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Paul Kengor in The Federalist summarizes “The Origin of the Family” as follows: “There, and elsewhere, we see, among other things, a fanatical push to abolish all right of inheritance, to end home and religious education, to dissolve monogamy in marriage, to pursue pre- and extra-marital sex, to foster and ‘tolerate’ (as Engels put it) the ‘gradual growth of unconstrained sexual intercourse’ by unmarried women, to nationalize all housework, to shift mothers into factories, to move children into daycare nurseries, to separate children into community collectives apart from their natural parents, and, most of all, for society and the state to rear and educate children.”

I think it’s safe to say every one of these points has been realized in modern America, wouldn’t you? You can also read the “Communists’ Ten-Point Plan for Erasing Families” here.

This, then, is one of the underlying reasons progressives hates families. They prefer to encourage both men and women to engage in reproductive behavior without the reproductive consequences – or the protection marriage brings to that reproductive behavior and consequences.

Public education has become the go-to means of separating children from their families physically, morally, spiritually and even medically (since everything from COVID shots to abortions to full-scale transgender treatments can now be done independent of parental consent). If the lockdowns of 2020 did nothing else, it opened peoples’ eyes to this agenda.

Goudsmit points out, “In contemporary America, the radical leftist Democrats are following the Maoist cancel-culture model. They are targeting the three supporting pillars of American society; the American family, our Judeo-Christian faith, and the U.S. Constitution symbolized by our American flag. Cancel culture is asymmetric warfare used by the advancing enemy to prepare the population for a replacement ideology. … The collapsing American family is a microcosm of the collapsing American democracy.”

In short, every tactic used by the progressive left – every single tactic, no exception – is done with the intent to undermine America. Bringing down the nuclear and extended family is one of those tactics – and an important one.

When we see cheery chipper children’s books celebrating “alternate” family structures, it’s easy to see what they are: the camel’s nose under the tent, an early step to normalizing the abnormal and turning the nuclear family into something fearful and backwards. Questioning this logic will get you attacked and canceled.

For decades, feminists called for society to “dismantle the patriarchy,” but after 50 years of doing just that, we now have positive proof where it leads. Warren Farrell, a prominent scholar who once sat on the board of the National Organization for Women, now sounds the alarm on what he calls a “crisis” of fatherlessness. He tracked the dismantling of fatherhood in many communities that wreaked a devastating toll on boys and men, including a rise in gangs, homelessness, and domestic and foreign terrorism.

Having conducted extensive research, Farrell went to the board of NOW and told them that “dad-deprivation is an important thing.” He was met with total silence. Then he was kicked off the board. He was later told that the NOW membership wanted women to be able to have children by themselves or to have the freedom to easily move to another state and take their children with them following a divorce. Get rid of those dads! Who needs ’em?

This tells you what you need to know about radical leftists. Remember, this is the group that actively reduces women to the sum of their reproductive organs (“birthing persons”), and yet claims this doesn’t qualify as misogyny.

It’s all so twisted and warped, isn’t it? What once was a beautiful thing – two opposite-sex parents raising their children – has become the personification of evil.

Why does it have to be like this? When did fathers become the enemy?

So while we may pay lip service to the importance of fathers on Father’s Day, in fact we should recognize that fathers are possibly the single-most essential weapon to fight back against this war being waged by leftists to destroy America.

Look, life is messy. Things happen. Spouses cheat. People die. Addictions cause ruin. Poor judgment causes pain. I cannot and will not condemn those families in which fatherlessness occurs through human weakness or accidents or death.

But acknowledging that not every child will grow up in a two-parent household is not the same as encouraging and accepting it as the ultimate middle finger to “the patriarchy.”

To all the men who embrace their role as father: I salute you.

To all the women who know the value of men: I applaud you.

To all the progressives who think dads aren’t necessary and families are evil: Get your head out of your unmentionable body part.

Columnist; Patrice Lewis

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