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Was anyone “WOKE” for one of the biggest cons in US HISTORY? When does the madness end??

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( On July,12, 2020 Churchill Capital LLC announced plans to merge with (Polaris holding a.k.a) MultiPlan in a M&A valued at $11 billion USD. On October 07, 2020 Churchill Capital LLC shareholders approve the merger with MultiPlan shareholders and the deal was finalized.

On November 07, 2020 short selling firm Muddy Waters posted an independent report about the MultiPlan and Churchill Capital misrepresentation to investors among other things. Churchill stock dropped 40% upon disclosure of said independent report.

What’s more amazing, was the fact that Taylor v MultiPlan, an active case in Federal court at the time of, before, during, and after approval of said massive M&A was not disclosed to decision makers. Said case was in the United States 11th Circuit, on stay pending review of 1 dismissed count ( a count that had been dismissed without prejudice), of an initial 22 count federal complaint. All of the above infomation were very important facts, but completely ignored by all media outlets, risk savvy investors, all knowing shareholders, culture war crusading politicians, and many others.

So it has now become clear to the Taylor’s (John Taylor and his lovely wife Tunya Taylor) that said $11 billion Churchill Capital MultiPlan merger was allowed to occur by multiple parties, and regulatory agencies; without anyone disclosing or reporting to investors or the general public of the existence of Taylor v MultiPlan; or the fact that MultiPlan and all other co-defendants within said massive federal complaint had remained silent in Federal court for months prior to said massive M&A announcement; or even the fact that the Taylor’s on 08/18/2020 had 21 of 22 counts reinstated on appeal in the 11th Circuit of Appeals PRO SE, and equally on 08/24/2020 they (The Taylor’s) petitioned the court for review of the 1 dismissed count in an En Banc rehearing by the full 11th Circuit; a count that’s currently still on stay in the 11th Circuit to this day.

All of said facts were public record, but intentionally ignored by multiple parties, many media outlets in both large and small markets, and regulatory agencies across the nation. Nevertheless said massive $11 billion M&A process, involving multiple major market firms, 1000s of independent companies,10s of thousands of jobs, governmental regulatory agencies, and billion dollar legal teams; was somehow allowed to proceed without any party attempting to disclose the existence of Taylor v MultiPlan and or the many other pending liability facing MultiPlan and other co-defendants. Interesting!


One phrase to all involved. Buckle-up!

Again this entire situation speaks to an unspoken narrative. Yet again unimaginable irregularities happening in plain sight while accountability officials and self-titled independent media outlets loyally embrace culture wars, name calling, an absolute buffoonery; actively using clever adjective to belittle large segment’s of the population; while the very privilege few have been allowed to pillage the nation dry in plan sight and make out like bandits. Modern day Sundance and Butch’s.

“I’m guessing no one was “WOKE” while this B.S. was being pulled on millions of citizens across our nation!”

Too many have been frozen in the past with so many other constipated dinosaurs, infesting millions of weaker minds and our youth with their rationalized poison, independent individual never ending grievances, selective bias, and or cartoonist buffoonery; while parasitic heartless invisible corporate “Ticks” sucking the very life out of our nation; have been allowed to fill their belly’s full with the blood of the unprotected at the expense of many hard working citizens, unknowing investors, and do nothing accountability officials.

When does the madness end???

Only time will tell, nevertheless someone must be held accountable for these unfathomable events. Now, because of the outlined narrative, and total lack of accountability and Independent reporting by 1000s of self-titled independent media outlets and accountability officials across the nation and beyond.

Many investors who’ve already lost billions of dollars because of MultiPlan’s many misrepresentations, shall lose billions more because of the unfortunate preventable events; and equally lack of appropriate disclosure of an active federal complaint, before completion of a multi-billion dollar M&A involving multiple major market firms; EVEN AFTER DODD FRANK (Disclosures which were required by law, and ignored at the time by accountability Officials, self-titled independent media, an all knowing legal firms).

Shame on all who should’ve prevented this situation, an equally Shame on all the self-titled independent media outlets for selectively not reporting major historic public events that did not correlate with the widely promoted none intellectual victim and or criminal narrative; for reasons still unknown. Events which have now cost thousands of lives, placed million in financial hardship, and equally cost our federal government, several states, millions of taxpayers, and unknowing investors, billions of dollars.

Said massive $11 billion M&A was allowed while many clearly knew Taylor v MultiPlan was still pending and poised a major liability to investors and the overall economy, because of the firm’s involved and scale of infractions (And the crystal clear fact that Corporation did not have the right to remain silent in federal court under any circumstances).

Some of the 21 causes of Action MultiPlan and other Co-Defendants willingly remained silent on in Federal Court before the closing of said massive $11 Billion M&A with Churchill Capital LLC included some the following:

18 U.S.C. 1962: RICO

18 U.S.C. 1343: Wire Fraud

18 U.S.C. 1347 Health Care Fraud

18 U.S.C. 1031: Major Fraud against the United States

Along with several other federal and Florida state causes of action; many of which were described as “irrefutable” and expressed in the same light throughout said proceedings.

Completely unacceptable these facts were ignored and clearly kept from the general public. John and Tunya Taylor were possible the first husband and wife Pro Se Whistleblower in US History of any race; and The First Pro Se African American Whistleblowers to successfully win even part of an appeal in the United States 11th Cir; an appeal that was won against mulitple Dow Jones industrial and NASDA firms along with other co-defendants; during the height of a rare and dangerous pandemic, first ever nationwide stay at home lock-down, and nationwide social unrest. The public must know of these events before anymore invisible misconduct can be executed by seemingly untouchable demi Gods, immune for standard accountability and or unfavorable reporting by individuals or outlets.

Thus far the ideals of Free press has failed in this moment in time; many events in this situation including preventable deaths, were reported to 1000s of media outlet and accountability officials across the nation and ignored indiscriminately, for reasons still unknown to our nation’s determent.

This situation and the overall cover up that’s followed has the making of 2 or 3 Hollywood block buster’s; nevertheless said events are still effecting millions of unknowing citizens across our nation and beyond. Our system was not designed to shield these kinds of massive inequities from the public. Free press was established not to shield the powerful from misconduct, or fuel the flames of inequities, and or our currently asinine Culture Wars.

Now we have a situation where millions of our fellow citizens have fallen victims to massive organized misconduct; misconduct committed by some of the richest firm on the planet, right before all our eyes (misconduct reported and filed in federal court months before the pandemic). Nevertheless,10s of thousands have died, million more financially impacted, an equally thousand if not millions of investors have fallen victim to what could only be previously described as a “complex corporate web of deception”.

Countless unknowing investor victims, who lacked proper disclosure, and where left completely abandoned by their local culture war crusading accountability officials, bent on vividly fighting for nothing of importance to the general population; while many of their helpless citizens fall victim to very wealthy parasitic corporate predators in a variety of ways; predators who all seem to maintain impermeable immunity, greater than the high kings of old Europe; through a complex maze of bureaucracy and deception; while so many other in our society are legally murdered for walking, driving in their car, sleeping in their home, holding their phone, playing with kid toys in public, or selling “Lucy” cigarettes.

The time has come to at least bring light to some of these MAJOR EVENTS, which seemingly where intentionally being kept in the dark from the general public by powerful entities and bias media outlets, during the height of social unrest and other recent historic events.

There’s still no justifiable reason of why POSITIVE news about ” Black” citizens in America (A “black” husband and wife couple fighting massive inequities Pro Se in federal court against several of the largest firms in the world) was not distributed to the masses during social and racial unrest, as a clear alternative to the many other more harmful narratives promoted to the masses. A time in which So many unwisely promoted protest over civility and or civil debate; wasting decades of hard earned productive race relation gains; and indoctrinating an entire new generation of extremists, and culture crusading adjective misusing buffoons, paddling their poison to the masses, from on all directions.

Black people must be allowed to get appropriate none bias media attention for POSITIVE standard events, without violence, crime, sport success, artistic achievements, sexually behavior, foreigners manipulation, or having a knee on their neck draining all their being for what amounted to less than $20, while other film their demise; and the masses consume their untimely end as some debatable sport function, then constantly replay said horrific events to inflict more long term mental pain on millions of youths and an already hurting populations, craving unity.

Equal Justice means none bias equal reporting of historic events. PERIOD!

Civil Rights are about more than criminally, individualism, gender identity and exceptionalism. The goal of Civil Rights has always been to promote CIVILITY, equal rights, equal opportunities, Accountability, and Equitable Justice for all people’s regardless of attribute.

My family proudly stand for and with all loving souls who bravely and vividly supports total accountability, honor, respect for all, mutual beneficial relationship, civility, love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice.

This message shall be sent to 10s of thousands of self-titled independent media outlets and others across the world. The truth must be told.

There were millions of victims in this situation and My family will not let them down for anyone. Period! The truth shall be on display for the masses, by and through whatever means necessary. If I have to call and or email every news outlet in America and beyond, then so be it. No one is above the law. The America people shall know said unfathomable injustices occurred on their watch in plain sight, right before all of our eyes. Absolute Justice must be served. Liberty and Justice for all regardless their attribute.

Written by John M. Taylor

Pro Se Counsel

Taylor v MultiPlan 11Cir 2020

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