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Is It Time To Require ‘Americans’ To Get Vaccinated For COVID-19?

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( Can you imagine what the highways would resemble if there were no requirement for driving? Having traffic lights, stop signs, and other signals enables people to drive safely on the roads. These requirements prevent accidents and save lives.

While most people don’t want to be told to do anything or deprived of their First Amendment Rights, the critical questions to be asked are: Is it time to require people to get vaccinated for COVID-19? What should be the role of employers and schools regarding vaccinations?

After a successful downturn in the number of cases of the coronavirus in the US and abroad, the potentially more severe and infectious Delta variant has reared its head and the numbers of those infected is beginning to climb. Of those who are being admitted to hospitals with COVID-19 symptoms, 97 percent of the people are unvaccinated and 99.5 percent of all coronavirus deaths are among the unvaccinated.


With the advancement of the vaccine in 2021, many schools are reluctant to require students to get vaccinated. They are even reluctant to meet the 85 percent vaccinated threshold of football conferences such as Big 12 for teams to participate in sports without having to be tested regularly or wear masks inside school facilities. This trend is also noticeable in other organizations such as the National Football League (NFL). Hall of Famer Michael Irving recently blasted the Dallas Cowboys for the reluctance of players not getting the vaccine and the team’s vaccination rate being less than the 85% vaccinated threshold of the NFL. Irving said, “If you are unvaccinated that means you don’t want to win badly enough. Dude, what are you thinking?,” noted Irving.

According to the NFL safety protocols, unvaccinated players will be restricted from daily meetings and practices of teammates who are vaccinated. They will be tested daily, required to wear a mask, unable to leave the team hotel, employ social distancing from players inside the facility, barred from eating with teammates, and have limitations to using the weight room. Coronavirus outbreaks among unvaccinated players can possibly lead to teams forfeiting games, noted the NFL.

Given the state of the economy, it is essential that schools and employers set the tone for their organizations and communities to follow.  If we are going to contain the virus, everyone will need to take an active role in combating the disease. To jump start this gigantic milestone, schools and employers should require that all of their stakeholders are trained on COVID-19, vaccinated or enforce the 85% vaccinated threshold to protect themselves and others from the virus. They should also incorporate an incentive for their constituents to take the vaccine.

In 2020, The Holmes Education Post (THEP) published a book titled “A Children’s Guide to Understanding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).” The book teaches children about the coronavirus and 10 ways to protect themselves and other people from the disease. Along with the book, THEP created a 30-minute online program for elementary, middle and high school principals and college presidents to collectively educate their students on COVID-19. THEP recommended that schools use the program as a part of their “Student Code of Conduct” and as a tool for students’ re-entry into the school environment.

Many people are reluctant to take the vaccine due to conspiracy theories, religious beliefs, personal health conditions, and misplaced guidance from unreliable sources. In this era, people are easily influenced to steer away from facts. Recently, NFL six time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady jokingly stated at the White House that some people don’t even believe that the Buccaneers won the 2021 Super Bowl even though reliable sources confirm its victory.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the vaccine is the best tool available to fight against the virus based on scientific evidence. In my view, the vaccine is a better solution than being barred from public places and events. If we are to combat this virus, all of us will have to take an active role of getting vaccinated, responsibly wear masks and employ hand washing and sanitizing measures.  These are the rules we need to play by in order to keep everyone safe and get our country and the world back to pre-COVID-19 conditions.

For confidence, people should consult with their healthcare providers to help dispel any miscommunication or interpretation about the vaccine and its possible impact on their bodies.

Columnist; Dr. Ronald Holmes


One Response to “Is It Time To Require ‘Americans’ To Get Vaccinated For COVID-19?”
  1. Eugenio Stewart says:

    I agree to certain extent with your article but at the same time I asked you since when has America care for the well being of African Americans? So if you and White America wants blacks to be vaccinated then why hasn’t America and yourself asked for my fellow black Americans to Stop having children out of wedlock, to Stop having unprotected sex, to Stop doing drive by shootings, to stop beaten up black sisters, to stop spreading std’s, to stop selling drugs in black communities, to stop having sex with underage children, to stop supporting pedophiles like R. Kelly and brother Polight.

    What about the gangster rappers who just continue to sing garbage music that promotes violence, sex and drugs in black communities. Why don’t you address those issues that are really destroying the African American community. it is easy to see how many people come to the defense of the vaccines that are not FDA approved but experimental where it has already been proving that vaccinated people are shedding the virus and spreading it to others. In addition, over 825 people have died from taking the vaccine, over 12,000 thousand have neurological damage and blood cloth issue after taking the vaccine and over 45,000 thousand Americans have contracted the covid-19 after taking the vaccine; therefore it does not matter if you take it or not because you will still get it if you are unhealthy with preexisting conditions

    Additionally, millions of people who got covid 19 and stay home and took care of themselves as it was a regular cold survived and recover; on the other hand, hundred of thousands of people who contracted covid 19 and went to the hospital died and never recovered with the exception of a very tiny percentage. So the question is why do people survive when they stay home with covid-19 and those that go the hospital just die or maybe they are killed after been intubated.

    What is actually destroying and killing black America is Crime and crime has a direct-correlation with poverty, unemployment, lack of education and fatherless homes which are the issues more important to fix in the black community. Just give it sometime and covid 19 will disappear in the way that the Spanish flu came and left. Nowadays nobody is talking about flu and the regular cold, so I guess those two took a vacation. What about HIV and Aids. You have more black Americans dying of cardiovascular problems and cancer and yet I do not see a rush to fix that problem, and let’s not forget about drugs killing black America and nothing is been pushed to stop it. Where is the vaccine to stop poverty, unemployment, discrimination and systemic racism in America.

    The Biden administration gave Juvenile the rapper over 100,000 dollars to make or remake a song Vax that thing up! Yet, when is the last time that the DNC and Hollywood have given Any rapper money and told them to make a song about black people stop doing drugs, stop doing drive by shooting, stop having unprotective sex, stop having kids out of wedlock, stop the violence. Better yet, when have any white organization gave a rapper or R&B singer money to make a song about black men and black woman go to HBCU’S black schools, bank black, support and invest in black communities, love your black woman and black men, take care of your children, respect your elders, love your children and do the right thing. The Answer will be never because America does not care and never will allow blacks do govern themselves and for that reason black America is suffering and maybe not you but the majority of black America is suffering.

    Hollywood and White America give billions to the black American rappers to sing songs about drugs, sex, pedophilia, violence, shootings and death which is the reason why the young generations of black children are becoming monsters and white America is laughing at us and reaping the benefits of the black children killing each other, rappers killing each others and spreading std.

    My final thoughts is to let the racist white American eat their fucking vaccines and in about 6 months to 2 years the racist cave dweller children of slave masters will be dead.

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