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“Christianity” The Religion of the Slaves.

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( Indeed, for the last 400 years in the United States of America the African American community have been following, listening, studying, preaching, worshiping, praying, kneeling and bending the knee to a white God, a white Jesus, a man made white bible written by a pale skin demon of the west and a white religion known as Christianity which is the “Religion of the Slaves”.

Upon the arrival of the Europeans also referred to as whites or Caucasians to the new world or the continent of the Americas they found a people who did not look, speak, dress like them and with no viable European religion. These people living in the new world were the Native American Indians, Amerindians or first nation who total over 75 million in the northern hemisphere but now are only about 6.7 million left in the United States of America due to the initial onslaught of genocide, diseases and the Christian religion imposed upon them.

With that said, we now come to the story of the first African slaves to arrive in America as early as 1619”s. These African slaves will be referred to by many names given to them by their masters such as negroid, negroes, congoid, Toby, monkey, nigger, black and eventually currently known as African Americans. These African slaves brought over to the new world against their will and stripped of everything they knew, will eventually lose their original language, culture, food, beliefs, names, etc….While in this new world, the slave masters found a sadistic and tactical way to control, manipulate, separate, brainwashed and influence the slaves into complete submission and total control by using a powerful tool called Christianity ( The Religion of the slaves), a belief of system created by pale skin demons of the west who were living in caves and eating their own feces prior to settling off in their madness of conquest, killing, stealing, raping and pillaging new worlds.

Christianity is a powerful Religion given reference to a so called white God and his son “Jesus” born in Jerusalem, Israel, which is an area that no pale skin white men has ever reside until the arrival of the Greek Empire under Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire. Israel was an area known to be inhabited by brown copper skin people and black people with features similar to the Dogon and Nubian ethnic groups, with dark eyes and coarse hair; large nose, big lips Yet, White America will make you and the rest of the world believe otherwise since in the times of conquest and warfare to the victorious of any war goes the spoils of war and the right and ability to change the accounts of history to suit the liking, imagination and agendas of the white European conqueror.


The White American Slave masters were clever at instilling Christianity among the African slaves in order to control them but more so to make these poor souls docile and afraid of everything; thus, preventing them from ever rising up, lifting their fist and revolting against their white master and his white children. This European Christian religion created by white neantherdal savage white men who were already involved in pedophilia and bestiality in their Europeans cave lands were it was their customs and the mark of the beast. These savages brought their Religion of the Slaves and implanted it in the brains and hearts of the African Slaves who sadly have pass down such garbage and lies to the new generations of black people around the world and who are now referred to as African Americans, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latinos and who sadly still continue to follow, worship. preach, prayed and bend the knee to something created by a people that did not considered Africans as humans and still continue to viewed African Americans as Sub-humans, super predators and 3/5 of a human being.

Christianity was propagated through all the plantations by using the good slave negro to preach the white garbage to the minds of the oppress slaves. These slaves not understanding the true nature of this barbaric religion went along to get along with the bible teaching of the good slave negro while the slave master stood behind him ensuring that the slave Negros of his plantation were listening and accepting something that was not of them. With every passage and scriptures read to the slave masses the indoctrination began and the eternal ruling of white men over black people was reassured for eternity and for the black negro never to rise higher than the white Master.

So as of August 2021, the good negro descendant of African Slave still continues to prayed, worshiped, sing the negro church song, jump and shout and bend the knee to the Religion of the Slaves “Christianity” with a picture and cross of a white bearded Neanderthal savage caveman in every black home, black vehicle, black workplace and on the black men/woman’s body. As you may not realize that Christianity is not the true religion of Africans, African Americans and or blacks; since, we know that upon the arrival of the white savages to the African continent they found no such religion been practiced in the entire African Continent; but, instead they found Africans practicing spiritual beliefs in the power of the sun, water, rain, wind, threes, etc., in eastern and western region of Africa, Islam in the northern region of Africa, and nothing in the southern part of Africa. But there is one more unknown religion not spoken or taught in Europe which was also found in the northern lands of Africa and that was the religion of Kemet found and practiced by the black Nubian Egyptians which also bears the native name of Egypt. Indeed, from this old Kemet religion, the white savages will proceed to take pieces of it and erase, convert and manipulate it into what they will introduced as the Religion of the Slaves “Christianity” to the African slaves who will eventually become African Americans, Afro-Caribbean’s, Afro-Latinos and ADO’S.

Why African Americans worship the Religion of the Slaves? Why do you bend the knee to a white Christ that does not look like you? Why do you believe that your savior is or would be a white pale skin man who does not look like you, speak like you, dress like you, struggle like you and or thinks like you? Why will you give reverence to a religion that was used to control your ancestors during slavery while they were been lynch, rape, sodomy, beat, killed etc. and Why do you think that Christianity will save you from the Wrath of the White American men and White American woman? More so, why do you think or belief that Christianity or praying to a white God and a white Jesus will prevent or stop a race soldier (white police officers0 from killing, beating, raping, planting drugs, guns and incarcerating your children?

By now as an African American and or black men/woman you have witnessed white America making laws to destroyed, impoverish, demonize, dehumanized and economically castrated the African American Community. You have also witness white cops murder black children with no remorse and not worry about any consequences from a so called white God and the Christian Religion. You have also notice white judges sentencing African Americans to longer sentences than any other race that has committed the same crime. You have also seen the white men give other communities more rights and pass bills for them than for any African Americans. You have also notice the school to prison pipe line imposed onto our black children by white America. You have also seen the white school system take all the vocational trades out from black school districts. You have also seen many accounts of white judges setting police officers free for murdering innocent black children. You have also seen white police officers get lesser sentences than black police officers for the same crime committed.

You have seen how white America is now blaming all blacks for the high rate of Covid-19, HIV, AIDS and Tuberculosis. You have also seen how white America will use black people as guinea pigs in their vaccine experiments. You have also seen how white men and white woman lied and called the police on black people for no obvious reasons. You have also seen how voting for the Democratic party in the last 50 years has gotten Nothing for the black Community. You have also seen how the Biden and Karmala Administration have broken every promised to black America even though we put them in the White House. You have also notice that no matter how you beg for reparations for slavery they keep telling black America that there is no money and or they have to think about it and that it is impossible; Yet, they are able to spend $145 billion dollars to rebuild Afghanistan and also spent $835 billion dollars in war fighting in the same deserted land, give over $3.5 billion dollars a year for Israel, give over $400 million dollars a year for Pakistan and India and give over $200 million dollars a year for several central American countries and so on.

You have also notice that black men are denied employment, grants and loans for businesses. You have notice how they let all the illegal immigrants in the country and treat them better than you even though you are an American citizen. You have notice how black unemployment is high and as remains high for the last 50 years. You have notice how Asians, Hispanic and middle eastern people open businesses in the black community with the full support of white America and yet they do Not hire any black men and or black woman. You have notice how all other minority group get more benefits than black Americans. You have notice how the Asian Community is taking the wealth away from the black community with full support of white America. You have notice how white America will rater give economical support to a migrant than to a black homeless person. You have notice how white people keep saying that there is no black soldiers or black police officers and more so that no African Americans have ever fought or die for this country in all the wars that America has partaking. You are also aware that Martin Luther King was killed by a white Memphis Police Officer and that Reverend Jesse Jackson was the person who called off and sent away the black security team for Martin Luther King assigned to protect him on the day he was shot at the Lorraine Motel; more so, you should know that King arrive alive at the hospital and he was subsequently suffocated and killed by a male white FBI agent with a white Medical Doctor present in the room. So now, the billion-dollar question to Black America is Why do you my fellow black men, and woman of African American descent continue to worship the white people religion of the slaves “Christianity’.?

Obviously, you can see that white people in America do not believe in God and neither do they practice Christianity because they understand that it is a man-made religion created to control people who do not look like them. If the white men and white woman believed in God and Christianity, then they would have never allowed for the millions of injustices done by white people on a daily basis to black America to continue for over 400 years. White people pretend to love God and pretend that there is one; but He/She knows that it is lie and part of their ulterior motives to keep all others races but more so the black community in check and afraid so African Americans and Africans around the world will never rise up against the white population.

Listen very carefully my fellow African Americans because you are being frolicked, lie and manipulated with ease and today you remained in a dire psychological, economical, sociological and religious bondage of mind control whereas you continue to believe everything that comes out from the mouth of a white men who has for centuries spoken with a fork tongue. The white men use the black churches, priest, pastors, house Negros, coons and sellouts to continue the spreading of misinformation, fake God, fake religion and fealty to the white men with every single black pastor and preacher been in the pockets of the U.S Government. The United States government give the Black Churches grants and money in order for the black churches, black priest, pastors and reverends to continue to serve the government in the interest of white people by keeping blacks in a fantasy of religious hope and symbolism. Black Churches are no longer fighting against the struggle of police brutality, equality, systemic racism, discrimination because they receive yearly grants and exceptions from the white America with the understanding that they will never side, encourage, support or validate any movement for the empowerment of black people and neither will they demand any type of reparations for slavery.

Black America STOP putting the black churches and the Christian religion as the center of your community because the only thing they sell you is Hope, Music, cheap food, cheap wine which is not doing anything to create generational wealth and empower our black economy. On the other hand, the White American community placed their banks and businesses as the center of their economic community; similarly, the Asians, Hispanics and Middle-eastern communities put their banks and businesses as the center of their economic community and for that reason they are doing a million times better financially, sociological and economical than the African American community.

Wake up black America, wake up Black America and Wake up Black America again. It is time for African Americans to abandoned the religion of the slaves “Christianity” and seek the religion of Success by investing, shopping, promoting and buying black today, tomorrow and always. All African Americans need to invest in the black community and spend your money in black businesses; More so, we need to put all our money in Black Banks since there are over 21 African American banks and financial institutions in the United States of America. Equally important, we need to send all our children to black private school such as the FDMG Academy, Marcus Garvey Academy and send all our teenagers and adults to HBCU’s which are Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Yes, Black America we can do it and more if we put our hearts, mind and soul to the prosperity of black people and freedom from white supremacy.

Last but not least, if you still have doubts as a follower of your Religion of the Slaves “Christianity” then as a proud black men and black woman take it upon yourself to replace your white Jesus with portrait of a black Jesus in your home; as well as; replacing your white cross with a black cross around your neck and in your wallet or purse. Yes, at least have some integrity and get rid of any white Jesus pictures in your home, car, workplace and replace it with a Black Jesus portrait and a Black Jesus Christ cross if you believe in the Garbage of the white man.

Black America! listen very carefully! All white people are racist and they will do anything to maintain their superiority and economical power over blacks. Likewise, Christianity will not save you, Islam will not save you, Hinduism will not save you, Buddhism will not save you, Jehovah witness will not save you, no religion in the world will save black America from racism and white supremacy. Stop praying to white people, white religion, white men, white woman, white government; instead, turn your back away from the religion of the slaves and start mobilizing, organizing, uniting with your fellow black men and woman and build another black wall street in every state that black reside. More so, stop voting for white people, stop voting for Democrats, stop voting for Republicans; Instead, vote for Black America, African Americans and create a black political party which is own, control, operated, manage, employee by all African Americans and black people who are physically and psychologically black.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

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