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Asian Parents Teaching their Children to Hate Black People around the World.

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( If you do not know now, then today is your day to know the truth and see for yourself that every other race in America in particular the Asian teach their kids to hate, discriminate, and be racist towards black people. There is a video circulating on several social media platforms about a Chinese mother teaching her 5 year old daughter how to discriminate against blacks. Yes. The is nothing new and it has been going on for hundred of years where Asian people have been passing down the tradition of superiority to dark skin people similar to what white Americas has done for 400 years in America.

Let’s not put all the blame on the Asians for this behavior since it is a learn behavior pass down from generations and acquired or instill onto them by what they have observed the white Americans do the African Americans. Every race that comes to America are indoctrinated into the Assimilation of the white American culture of hate, discrimination, racism, double standards, bias, prejudice, race supremacy, and many other privileges that one acquires over those of black pigmentation or African origins. Indeed, The Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterns, Jews, Arabs, European whites, Caucasian Americans have all learned the behavior of teaching their children’s as young as 5 years old to hate, discriminate, dislike, insult, lie on black people and many more negative behaviors of demonizing, dehumanizing, profiling and labeling the black race with negative connotations.

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With that said! Why Do my fellow Blacks, African Americans, Africans, Afro-Caribbean, and Afro- Latinos continue to trust these people and anyone who does not look like us, speak like us, think like us and struggle like us? Why do we continue to patronize their businesses and spend money at their stores when these racist people do not care or respect us regardless if they are dealing with a good black person. As you can see, they only tolerate us black people because they need our money and wealth that we so willingly give to them every time we enter their stores such as liquor stores, beauty shops, fast food restaurants, nail salon etc…

Black America we need to stop and wake up and realize that these people which us harm and destruction and by the time we realize what has happen it will be too late and it will be our fault again for allowing and trusting those who do not look like us and think like us black people. How can you trust a person who calls you a monkey, nigger, mayata, super predator and many other horrible names and you know that as a black person you are a descent hard working, educated, law abiding black men, woman and or LGBT. How can you trust them and how can you eat from anything that they give you knowing that there is the possibility that they have either spit, urinated, defecated and or pour sometime of poison in your food, drinks, skin and hair products.

What will it take for Black America to understand that these is how every other race thinks of you and nothing will change their minds today, tomorrow or in the future. Asians will always envy and hate you, Hispanics will always envy and hate you, Arabs will always envy and hate your, Middle eastern will always envy and hate you, white people have always envy, hate, dislike, distrust you since they brought your forefathers as slaves to this continent in the early 1619’s and the white men is the reason why every other race in America and around the world continue to hate you and dislike you. Therefore, is time for black America to wake up and prepared to walk away from these racist bastards and also prepared to defend yourself in case they decide to complete you wipe you out with the soc called tainted vaccine, drugs, tainted food, tainted everything. Do not trust these people who speak languages that you yourself do not understand. Remember, when they laugh or smile is not with you but actually making a mockery of you black men, black woman and black LGBT.

It is quite interesting to see that the mainstream media is not making a big deal about it or broadcasting this nationwide; yet, let a black person cursed an Asian person on the street or in the store then every news media will be there to report it . But, no one comes to report Asian people and other races teaching their kids to hate black people. Lets not forget how quick the media came to attack our black sister Queen Nicki Minaj after she spoke about the side effects of the covid-19 vaccine and yet no one came after the Asians for the comment made or the video of a Chinese woman teaching her kid to hate black people. Please tweet this around the nation and around the world to all blacks so we can be prepared for what is coming.

Below you will find the link to the video where the Chinese mother is teaching her young daughter to hate black people.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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