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Walmart Stores in America are no Friends of Black America.

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( Well, Ladies and Gentlemen and those who fit in between these categories must now understand that indeed it is true that Walmart Stores, Walmart neighborhood Market and the entire chains of Walmart across the United States of America have no interest in empowering and creating generational wealth for black people living in America. What do I mean by this statement? Well is simple! Walmart stores have decided to never advertise, promote, sell, order, stock any food products created, manufactured and or made by African Americans.

Now, you may ask what I am talking about and where do I get this information from! Well about a couple of months ago I contacted Walmart stores corporate offices via email and phone to inquire about the reason why they are not selling any black food products in their store that are currently owned and manufactured by black people; but, more so, I made emphasis on the food product line of Master P.’s, also known as Uncle P’s food line, who is the well-known former NBA Players, Recording hip hop  rap music artist, Music producer, Business entrepreneur etc…

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Below, I have inserted an excerpt of the letter I sent to Walmart Corporate and Executive office and their response to my inquiries will shock you!

“Hello and Good afternoon

I am a loyal customer for over 20 years and very happy with your services, professionalism, customer service, merchandise and product selections. But today I am very concerned and disappointed with what I have lately notice and certainly millions of customers have notice as well.  I notice the variety of selections of products from a diverse community of Asian, Hispanic, Middle eastern, and Europeans: yet I am appalled at noticing that there is no food product line from the African American community on displayed on the shelfs for sale to the public.

The purpose of this letter is to find out the reason why Walmart has refused and denied African American food products from Uncle P’s food product line created by Mr. Percy Robert Miller also known by the name of Master P. Master P is an American retired actor, basketball player and musician who went ahead and created the food line products.

In 2020, He announced the creation of food product lines to be sold in major groceries stores and retailers around the United States. Yet, I have not seen any Walmart store, Albertson, Kroger’s, Whole food, Publix super market, and other chain store with the exception of 7/11 stores selling his products and wonder why is that? The food product line varies from Uncle P’s Louisiana seasoned rice, Instant soup, Ice cream, Pancake mix, syrup etc….

I am concerned that as of August 2021 Walmart and many other chain stores have refuse to sell and support the African American product by a black man while other products from other races and cultures are available at Walmart. I think this is unfair and to some extent discriminatory because over 12% of Walmart customers are African Americans, Afro-Caribbean’s, African etc. and they spend an annual amount of $14 billion dollars at Walmart store which is quite significant to your revenue of $ 138 billion a year nationwide and about $559 billion a year worldwide and nationwide combine all together.

I have visited several Walmart’s and asked about the Uncle P’s food line and every answer is the same ” No we do not carry it”. So, I asked why do Walmart chooses to discriminate against black business owner trying to get their products in the market? and why you allow other communities to put their product with ease at your store.

If you do not wish to support or endorse any black product line at your store then why don’t you just put a sign stating that “You will never allow any nigger or negro product to be in displayed at a Walmart store”. Once you do that then it will clear to all black America to not asked or expect anything good for Walmart.

I hope to hear from your corporate office with a reason why you are doing this to the African American community and not to other communities.” (Stewart 2021)

As you can see my letter to Walmart executives was very respectful and direct to the point and yet their answer to my inquiries was this (——————–), Did you guys/gals see or read their response? I don’t think so because I did not read or see their response because they DID NOT respond to my email at all. So, I went with the next step of contacting Walmart with their direct phone numbers to their CEO offices to further my investigation inquiries into why they are refusing the sell black food products at their stores. Upon making contact with one of the secretaries of representatives and mentioning about Master P’s food line there was absolute silence and confusion on the voice of the female representative about my concerns, She immediately put me on hold and told me that she will have me speak with someone, so I waited and waited and waited for 36 minutes on hold until they disconnected the phone and when I attempted to call again it when directly to a voicemail.

With that said, I cannot ask my fellow African Americans to boycott this store because many blacks depend on this store for their cheap prices and affordable products; but, at least as proud African Americans we can all demand Walmart stores to support black business food products and remind them that $14 billion dollars of their revenues comes from the pockets of poor black people who are loyal customers.

Sadly, My African American brothers and sisters you are now realizing that we need to make a stand about this issue and many others that affect our community where companies and corporations will only use us for their own economic gains and pushed us aside when we try to build something to benefit Black America. I do not have any words to add but I am disappointed that white America and their systemic racism is still so prevalent that they will do anything to prevent African Americans from obtaining generational wealth via the expansion of black made products to our community and by making it impossible to sell anything to our people and to other communities. I guess we are stuck with eating white people pancake mix and syrup since Uncle P’s black food products are banned from Walmart stores.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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