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Why are Black Woman Swirling with “HIV’ infected White Men?

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( Yes, this is a message for all my Beautiful African American Queens who are strong. bold, independent, outspoken, with or without kids and strong supporters of the white woman #Me-too movement. According to national statistics and black there is approximately 84% of African American woman who are currently unmarried, unwed with several kids from several saggy pants wearing black men and dying old alone as proud black woman without a ring of your finger! Yes, I am talking to you black sisters with your naive belief that your future lies with a pale skin demon (white men), who only feels confident when He is financially successful and with over “30″ years of college education.

Of course, it is the dream of every woman in the world  to get married at some point in their life; but, looking at the current situation of African American woman who are constantly twerking in public and private places, overly sexualized with so many kids from different men, loud, aggressive, cursing profanities on a daily basis, gossiping all day on social media,  fighting all night with men and woman on the streets and more so not willing to be submissive, cooperative, obedient, feminine, nurturing and caring to their men, then  it seems that their dreams of marriage will never come true for the majority of black woman in America.

There is a new epidemic brought into the black community by desperate black woman unable to find a man in their community to put a ring on their finger; therefore, they are now promoting the idea of “Swirling:” which is a term use in the black community in which there is a physical and emotional relationship between two partners of different cultures, nationalities, race and or ethnicities. This concept has prompted desperate black woman to sleep, have sex, date and hope for marriage with a white man by any means necessary even to the point of accepting those white men who are financially broke, uneducated and infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear, small penis and HIV/AIDS.

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These beautiful  African American black queens wearing “Friesian Horse Hair” on their head, ‘string mop” as their eyelashes, “Hyenas claws” on their finger nails and “DULLRAM” on their buttocks are hoping and praying to a white God and to the Religion of the Slaves “Christianity” for a white man that  will married them without realizing that most black woman in America do not qualify as wife material for any men since they do not understand how to be ladies first, then faithful girlfriends, then loving wife’s and then nurturing mothers; but only meeting the requirements to be a booty call and/or a side piece.

Many African American women have not notice that the white men they are attracting are those who have been rejected by white, Asian and Hispanic woman and who have lots of hatred, envy, jealousy, bias and resentment towards black woman and black men. Many of this white men who are selected by black woman are actually unemployed with no education but since they have the pale skin color of the so called Gods; then, black woman will take them regardless of their flaws and these broken white men will be well taken care by their successful loud mouth black Queens.

Now, let’s dig deep into the degeneracy of Black Queens swirling with HIV positive white men, who are failing to disclose their disease purposely or out of fear of rejection. Of course, when a white man cannot conquer the love of a white woman, He will then run to the arms of the lesser woman that will accept him with all his imperfection and that woman is a “Black Queen”, who will open her doors and bank account to this leftover white man and accept a swirling relationship with a broken, poor, alcoholic, drug addict and called him a white King; Yet, this same black woman will refuse the advancements and courting of a successful black men with a college degree, career, education, respectful, well spoken, well dress and military veteran etc… and she will called him a lame and a simp. On the other hand, the same black woman will turn around and open her legs to a black man with no condoms who is a saggy pants thug, gang member, drug dealer, unemployed, uneducated, verbally and physically abusive, std infected and with over a dozen kids with different black queens and she will proceed to call him “My Nigga”.

Now, Let’s talk about pale skin white man named Jason “DJ Kid” Pope who expose over 600 African American teenagers and woman to HIV purposely, willfully and without regard to the safety and well-being of the so called Black Queens. During a span of 10 years, this 42-year-old pale skin demon went on a viral sex spree with underage black teenagers and black adult woman having unprotected vaginal, anal and oral sex with the sole purpose of infecting killing and destroying the black community. These black females will eventually proceed to fuck approximately 5 to 8 black men per month in their inner-cities communities and within a span of one year over 36,000 thousand black men will be infected or exposed with the HIV virus pass down to them by the black queens who slept with the white demon of the west Mr. Pope aka “DJ Kid”.

These 600 + Black Queens felt it necessary to swirl with a HIV+ infected Neanderthal cave dweller and fucked him bareback, raw, skin to skin; knowing for a fact that every time you have unprotected sex with anyone you take a chance and risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease and an unwanted pregnancy out of wedlock and out of love. Indeed, many Black Queens in America were born to one-night stand, unprotected sex with complete strangers or with regular random dudes who themselves were born to single Black Queen mothers. Upon the Arrest of Jason “DJ Kid” Pope, He admitted to purposely going after black woman for relationships, booty calls and one night stands in order to infect them with HIV virus in hope of destroying the black community. DJ. Kid was also involved in the sex trafficking of black teenagers as young as 13 years old intentionally with ulterior motives that remain prevalent in the minds of these white Americans demons of the west.

Secondly, we have another tasty and handsome white men named Gentry Burns of Florida, a 27 years old pale skin demon who had been HIV positive since 2013 and confirmed positive again in January 2014, who continue with his Neanderthal cave dweller mentality of dating, fucking and sleeping with the Black Queens who never demanded him to wear condoms and neither asked him to provide proof of his last physical examination and STD records. Indeed, the fault also lies in the hands of our Black Queens who refuse to use protection, condoms, birth controls, std checks and continue to open their legs with ease to any penis walking down the street. This positive HIV + Mr. Burns knew He had the disease and yet He continue to fulfill the dreams of giving hope to the desperate Black Queens and He gave them the hope of the white men infected penis as a reward and giggle his way to prison serving only 2 years for infecting over a dozen black woman with HIV. Now! the million-dollar question is How many black men have now been infected with the second hand virus pass down to them by these band of a dozen black queens from the State of Florida swirling with this HIV positive white man?

Third, we have the chubby short European white guy that Black Queens love so much specially if they have HIV and AIDS. This well put together white men goes by the name of Mike Oliver, who decided to travel to the African continent and use his white skin color privileges of a Caucasian men to spread HIV to the beautiful Black Queens in the country of Kenya. He voluntarily passed his genetic DNA and RNA fluids containing the HIV virus to the Black Queens vaginas, butt holes and mouth for free. Of course, for any black woman having a white man cum inside of them is like a blessing from God himself and his Son Jesus Christ the cave dweller. Now, this white man slept with over a dozen Kenyan woman for which about five of them were married, which means that their black husbands have now contracted the HIV from their Black Queens who slept with a cave dweller. Mr. Oliver felt free to go online on several social media platforms and reveal to the world about how easy it was for him to fuck black woman in Africa and in America just base on him been a Caucasian. He also admitted to knowing of his HIV positive condition but still continue to sleep with black woman in America and in Africa.

Fourth, We have the handsome South African Caucasian white men with HIV Positive Wouter Basson aka “Dr. Death” of South Africa, Who was the head of “Project Coast”, under the guidance and authorization of Keith Maxwell (white men) CEO of the South African institute of maritime research (SAMR) who proceeded to place many small  medical clinics in poor black neighborhood in South Africa with a large financial budget from the United State government that gave way to the vaccination of poor black woman and teenagers with needle/syringe tainted with AIDS and HIV virus. This was done with the full knowledge of the United States Government and it continue for over a period of 10 years in South Africa, Mozambique, Congo under the idea of eradicating every black person in Africa for control population and the takeover of all African natural resources and raw materials.

Last but not least, I am not here to destroyed the hope of African American Black Queens but simple to give you a warning and that message is simple “Watch who you sleep with”, because the grass is not always greener on the other side.  All African American woman need to stop having unprotected sex, stop having kids out of wedlock and stop swallowing semen or allowing any men to ejaculate inside you. A woman should always ask their new partners for proof of their last physical and STD examination; more so, before having sex with a new boyfriend you must both go together to a private or free clinic and conduct a complete STD and HIV test and once the result comes back negative then you can begin to have sex, but still use condoms to prevent you from becoming a single mother Black Queen.

Additionally, a black woman should carry herself in a respectful manner to not bring attention and disgrace to herself and create a negative image and perception by the public in general and the people around you. My beautiful Black Queens must understand that according to Kevin Samuels, a YouTube personality and image consultant advisor “A woman should be submissive, cooperative, feminine, in shape, attentive, nurturing and respectful to a man in public and private places”.

Now, below is a simple guide for any black woman to follow in order to find a husband and if you follow it by the letter then you will find a good black man that will put a ring on your finger.

1.Stop doing drugs or smoking weed

  1. Stop drinking excessive alcohol and getting drunk in public
  2. Stop twerking in public and private place such as restaurants, hospitals, work etc.,
  3. Stop cheating
  4. Stop having unprotected sex
  5. Stop having one night stands with strangers, co-workers, neighbors, friends, cousins
  6. Stop talking to old booty calls
  7. Stop wearing things on your body that does not belong naturally to you.
  8. Stop cursing profanity
  9. Stop yelling and been loud in public and private places
  10. Stop arguing and fighting in public and private places
  11. Stop disrespecting your black men or any men
  12. Stop putting tattoos on your face, neck, chest and legs.
  13. Stop putting to many piercing on your face and lips
  14. Stop talking and hanging around with thugs, gang members, drug dealers and drug users.
  15. Stop sleeping with married men or men who are committed in another relationship.
  16. Stop flirting with your female friend’s boyfriends
  17. Stop having kids out of wedlock
  18. Stop oversexualizing your body
  19. Stop doing anything that will make you undesirable for any respectful men.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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