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The Costs of ‘Illegal Aliens’ Is Unsustainable.

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( Liberals and fools while not known for being cultured – are known for their elitist self-ascribed superiority.  They believe themselves to be superior and none are more embracing of said reasoning than half-wit, dead-from-the-neck-up meatheads with a college degree.  And they excel at revising factual history.

Such was a man, who had nothing better to do than stick his nose into my business at the post office Friday past.

The attendant at the counter and I were talking about the enormous cost of postage ($21.75) first class mail for one book to Canada juxtaposed to $3.19 media rate within the U.S.  The know-it-all who had been holding court on a number of different issues while waiting in line behind me, took it upon himself to inform me how the mail system worked.


It was an error in ludicando, i.e., error in judgment, he would quickly come to regret.  At first I was willing to ignore his intrusion, but then his blue-eyed-liberal I’m smarter than anyone else in the room attitude crossed the line. Annoyed I quipped sardonically that it was easier for illegal aliens to get into America than it was for me to send a book into Canada legally.  He took the bait and the game was afoot; which brings to the point of this column.

He snapped that “12,000 illegals were sitting under a bridge in Texas and it was their right to come here.”  I elected to ignore, the size of the bridge required to give shelter to 12K illegals, choosing instead to say the illegals should head back to whatever country they were coming from.

The poor guy lost it completely, launching into a stuttering screed, telling me illegals had a right to be here, because they pick fruit and vegetables, and who would pick the fruit I eat if not for them?  When I told him my wife had picked apples and worked in an apple orchard during the summer to help pay for her college expenses he was unfazed.  He skipped all discussion of the legal entry into our country through Ellis Island and made the specious liberal claim that America was built by immigrants.  He obviously overlooked the fact that the slaves his kind so gratuitously love to showcase as victims of cruel white imperialists, might disagree. He also ignored the fact that legal immigrants built America.

He claimed the illegals on our Southern border were from war-torn countries – another liberal lie.  Exactly what war-torn countries are there along our Southern border?  I silenced him when I said: “So let me get this right. According to you and your kind it’s okay to break the law, as long as in your mind you have a good reason.”  He had no further response.

Liberals want us to embrace their pathology of anti-Americanism and disdain for the sovereignty of America by allowing our borders and our infrastructure to be plundered and looted by illegal marauders.

The cost of illegals to the American economy is astronomical.   These aren’t workers coming to work in seasonal employment. They’re not immigrants interested in becoming American citizens.  They’re the equivalent of locusts.

Liberals want us to believe they’re contributing to our nation when in fact they’re destroying our economy.  I personally observe the lines of people at a Western Union outlet sending money out of the country, at a grocery store owned and operated by a family from Honduras who came here legally.

For every illegal hired, money is being taken out of the economy of that domestic American community. In 2019 the amount of remittances, i.e., money sent from illegals in America back to Central American countries was more than $120 billion in this decade alone.  In 2018 over $17 billion was remitted by illegals back to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador alone.  In 2019 more than $150 billion was remitted to foreign countries.  In 2017, remittances flowing out of the United States to foreign countries totaled more than $445 billion.

Hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars flow out of the United States annually from illegals participating in illicit criminal activities, not least of which are drugs, human trafficking, and stolen automobile rings.

All of this is taking place while illegals are taking full advantage of America’s welfare system and public school system.  Add to the lost of money into our economy, the infrastructure costs, e.g., fire, police, hospitals, etc. and the cost of allowing illegals carte blanche into our country is ultimately unsustainable.

And now Biden is committed to giving each illegal alien $450,000 reparations and as much as $1 million per illegal alien family, as a means for the Democrats to buy loyalty.

Which brings me to another reason I find liberals such an affront.  They’re the usurpers, liars, and thieves, who ignore the incomparable penalties for people who enter foreign countries illegally.  Even those who apply and receive legal status in South American countries including Mexico, do not enjoy the same privileges as those born in said countries.

But America is expected to open our arms and watch looters bankrupt our businesses and services.

Columnist; Mychal Massie

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