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Brad Cox a White Firefighter Assaults Disabled Victim and Gets Away With It Again!

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(Akiit.com) Yes, it is true! Mr. Brad Cox a male white firefighter from Dallas, Texas who is also infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having a small private part was caught on video again in August 2019 for kicking and punching a disable men on the face who had requested for a medical emergency after an illegal detention.. The victim was also a pale skin demon of the west but He was homeless, poor, disabled, mentally unstable and uneducated which pretty much put him in the same category of homeless black men living on the street of racist white America.

On August 2, 2019, the victim Mr. Kyle Vess was detained by Dallas fire department paramedics allegedly for setting a small fire on a grass area in order to heat up a can of food so he could eat a warm plate food which is something that much homeless people regardless of race, culture and or religion are unable to have on a daily basis. While Mr. Kyle was detained, he appeared to be in severe distress and asked for medical attention but more so he wanted to be taken to the hospital. When the police officers arrived on scene, they observed the great martial arts and aspiring UFC neanderthal cave dweller paramedic Brad Cox standing over and yelling at victim Kyle who was sitting on a curb in a non-threatening manner.

Mr. Kyle unable to take the insults and mockery of his homeless condition stood up and attempted to leave the scene and that is when “kung Pao” Cox got in the face of Kyle and then began kicking him in the upper torso and face causing Kyle to fall onto the ground and while still on the ground Mr. Kyle was stomped and kicked several more times which led to him moaning in agony and pain which did not deterred Firefighter Cox from continuing his attack that left Mr. Kyle with several lacerations, orbital, jaw fractures and brain damage.

Indeed, this Corrupt Firefighter Brad Cox similar to corrupt race soldier aka white police officers was cheering to his victory and high five his fellow firefighters who were standing and laughing at the onslaught of their fellow co-worker against a homeless victim who was in distress. Indeed. they were all white firefighters and police officers standing around and not doing anything to prevent and stop such actions on a innocent civilian who requested 911 for assistance in his time of needs. As of November 2021, this lunatic “kung Pao” Cox is still employed and working for the same fire department in Dallas, Texas and He has not face no charges or disciplinary actions for his violent behavior against a disable homeless citizen in need.

Now, we all know that the duties of a fire fighter is to save lives and provide medical care for anyone regardless of race, gender, religion, creed, sex orientation, mental status, disabilities etc.. Ye. this white firefighter was able to tarnish the reputation of his department and violate the sacred code of ethics of saving life’s and helping those who called 911 for help but instead cave dweller Cox decided to show off in front of his fellow Neanderthal cave dwellers that he was a tough UFC fighter fighting a disable homeless person who had not eaten in a couple of days and knew nothing about fighting.

So Black America, What do you think about this situation that could have been avoided and prevented by his fellow co-workers. Could this tragic event happen to your love ones like a grandfather, father, brother, son, grandson etc.. Do you want this to happen to your love ones and or to any other innocent American citizen? I don’t think so, therefore, this must be a conversation that must be spread around nationwide in order to get this buffoon in prison and or fired from his department and at the same time prevent him from getting any type of job in any field that involved contact with homeless, disable, woman, children and those in need.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; islam4infinity@yahoo.com.

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