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The Democrats Learn Again Demographics Are Still Not Destiny.

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( In November of last year I wrote about the phenomenon Democrats have been pushing for decades – that the “less white” this country becomes, the better it is for them; that at a certain point, and soon, the Republican Party would be relegated to the fringe of society. “Demographics are destiny,” they insist. It’s a nice, neat theory that just so happens to dovetail perfectly with the racial politics the left have been playing the whole time. But a funny thing happened on the way to permanent power…

For Democrats, this argument, and the hope that it was true, hinged on one thing: the Hispanic vote. For half a century, Democrat have gotten almost 90 percent of the black vote. It’s become a joke in political circles, that Republicans don’t even bother to try and neither do Democrats. And by that I mean Republicans don’t try to make a dent in the black vote while Democrats don’t bother to try to fulfill any of the promises they’ve made to black voters because where are they going to go?

Democrats own the black vote, and everyone knows it. No matter how horrible Democrat leadership in majority black cities across the country, there is zero concern from those failed elected officials that their indifference or neglect will lead to an electoral loss. Hell, crack smokers and people overseeing a killing field get reelected if they’re Democrats, why would anything short of those be of a concern? They aren’t.

The model was what Democrats planned for the Hispanic vote – convince Hispanics the alternative is somehow worse, sit back and roll to victory. So how did Joe Biden end up being less popular than a painful inner ear infection with Hispanic voters? The answer is pretty easy, but I’m going to make you wait a little bit for it.

First, where did I come up with the idea that Democrats are in trouble with the Hispanic vote?

The latest NPR/PBS, Marist poll, not exactly a bastion of centrism, let alone conservatism, contains numbers that are scaring the delusions of Hispanic vote dominance out of even the most overpaid progressive consultant.

In addition to showing Biden having an embarrassing 41 percent approval rating, with Hispanic voters that number is significantly lower.

Only 33 percent of Hispanics view Joe Biden’s performance as President favorably, while fully 65 percent actively disapprove (2 percent were off having a sandwich somewhere). That is embarrassing.

The poll already had bad news for Democrats, with independent voters disapproving of Biden by a gigantic margin: 29 – 66 percent. But the Hispanic numbers are what Democrats are really worried about.

Independent voters are much easier to sway than locked in ethnic voting blocs. Independents don’t really believe in much, at least not enough to solidify their vote for any length of time. Ethnic voters generally have been cultivated by the left to identify with people who look like them moreso than anything else. So why does it not seem to be working for Democrats with Hispanic voters?

Have you noticed the flood of illegal aliens across the southern border? I know you have, everyone has. So have Hispanic Americans, decedents of people who’ve made that journey long ago. Whether they have just arrived or are first or second-generation Americans, they all know what the people flooding the border are fleeing.

There is no one who’d make the 3,000 mile walk from Venezuela to the United States, for example, who comes in singing the praises of socialism or would support anyone advocating a political philosophy that destroyed their ancestral homeland. The same can be said for pretty much all countries south of the Rio Granda, to one degree or another. Why would anyone coming from there, or who heard the stories of their parents or grandparents who came here, ever support what their families fled?

The truth is they wouldn’t. Those numbers in that Marist poll show as much.

Hispanics know the horrors of socialism, likely know someone who’d suffered under it. No matter how you package, what face you put out front and how you dress it up, what Democrats are pushing is still socialism. That might fly with wealthy white suburbanite women with too much time on their hands, academics, and the activist class – in other words, people whose lives wouldn’t be disrupted by the change – but the people who’d see their futures severely limited by destructive liberal policies are not interested in them.

Demographics are not destiny, and that’s really all Democrats have right now. That bodes well for Republicans next year, unless they completely screw up the campaign which, given we’re dealing with Republicans, is entirely possible.

Columnist; Derek Hunter

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