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The Deliberate Plan To Infect You With Covid-19.

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( If you won’t even read this article because you think its conspiracy theory, you have already been brainwashed and you are the ideal CDC/DOD “zombie” for those who created the pandemic, the virus and the poison vaccines. Maybe you don’t think the Tuskegee Experiment was real either. Or maybe you never knew about the chemical weapons America released in New York decades ago as an experiment. Maybe you never look up in the sky to see the plains spewing chemtrails which contain barium, a metal that is toxic to the human respiratory system. Maybe you know some of this truth but you think you are powerless to do anything about it. That is your first big mistake. Maybe you are in denial and it’s time to wake up. And if the truth, facts, evidence and proof offend you, then surely you should be offended at the lies, deceptions, manipulations, poisoning, outright murder, injury, illness and DNA re-programming used against the population by the creators and managers of this deliberate pandemic. The truth is usually controversial, feared and offensive. But that is why it must be told and heard.


In the next several minutes we are going to connect the dots for you. And those dots and puzzle pieces will be independently verifiable from the very sources we cite because now you will know where to look and what to look for. There is a global plan to infect you with Covid-19 and poison you with the vaccines. And the very regulatory agencies you have come to trust to protect you (CDC, FDA, AMA, NIH, HHS, HRSA and others) are at the forefront of the agenda to do just that. So, before we get to the proof, digest this statement. Practically every single thing the Covid-19 vaccine companies and regulatory agencies have done has caused the spread of the pandemic and the manipulation of the public (using fear, ignorance, coercion, deception and denial). I am going to give you the clues to connect the dots, but due to the nature of these acts, I am going to have to jump around a bit. Keep reading and you will see why. And if you think this is conspiracy theory or speculation, at the end of this article, most of you won’t anymore. Unless you want to live in denial and believe everything is coincidence.



Two years ago, in January of 2020, the CDC released contaminated Covid-19 tests. Oh yes, they did and we have the report from HHS to prove it. These “experts” who do what they do for a living wanted you to believe it was a simple mistake. But this is neither their first outbreak nor their first pandemic. Remember the Flu pandemic of 2009? And there was Zika, Ebola, Sars-1 and MERS, to name a few.


Two years later to the month in January 2022, the Director of the CDC says all of us are going to get Omicron (a Covid-19 variant). How could she suddenly be so insightful and almost “prophetically” informed to make such a statement for the future when in congressional hearings she said she didn’t even know how many people at the CDC had been vaccinated? And yes, we have all this on video. What does she know that you don’t? Keep reading because we are about to tell you shortly.

Also in January of 2022, the Director of HHS (ironically neither a doctor nor a scientist and having no medical training) states that President Biden will have the federal government send out 1 billion home Covid-19 test kits. Interesting move exactly 2 years to the month from when the CDC rolled out contaminated tests. Keep reading, it gets deeper.


Then there is the issue of masks. The former surgeon puppet general (Jerome Adams) initially told everybody to stop buying masks. Then the powers that be sent the same waterbody out on the networks to show people how to make face coverings out of socks and rubber bands. Then they told us not to wear the masks that would protect you and your family (the N95) because the medical industry needed them. But instead of the government giving them all out to the first responders, the government stockpiled them, told the medical industry to wear used masks over and over again or wear shirts or bandanas over their faces in the hospitals. Then the federal government said the federal stockpile belonged to them and the states should find their own masks. In fact, the definition of “federal stockpile” was even changed. And yes, we have proof. Then loads of N95 masks on the way to first responder agencies never made it there and I will give you one guess who intercepted them.

Think hard for a minute. Why are you waiting for the government to tell you to protect yourself in the best way possible? And why are you waiting for them to do it for you? The same government (under Trump and Biden) that stockpiled over 70 million masks. The same government who at first told you not to wear the very masks they are sending out 2 years later. The same government that infected the covid-19 tests in January, 2020. The same government that hid the fact that the virus was/is airborne and what you should do differently. The same government that told you lie after lie after lie about this pandemic. Guidance? No thanks.



But wait, even though the pandemic regulatory agencies knew the virus that causes Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) was airborne, they didn’t tell you. And once the truth came out, they still didn’t tell you how an airborne virus can be worse outside than inside nor what to do differently about it. In fact, they told everybody to have their events outside, completely ignoring the fact that wind and other environmental conditions can move an airborne virus even further (like pollen 20 feet away from your car) than it can inside.


Test and after test for Covid-19 has proven to be inaccurate, giving false positives, false negatives and often both regarding the same people being tested. Again, not an accident. Yet they expect you to believe these are simple errors and that they can make “effective” vaccines in 6 months but not tests that are accurate? Wake up people! In fact, the Nobel prize winning scientist and creator of the PCR test himself just said in a videotaped interview in January of 2020 that the tests are not showing what you were led to believe they would, that Dr Fauci does not understand and should not be in charge and that you can make a PCR test show anything you want it to, if you know how. And yes, we have the video interview.


It just so happens that the CDC monitors the water supply in several states. And what did they find? Covid-19 in the water. The Director of the CDC had to be the first to know this. So, go back to clue #2 and you can now see, in part, why she said everybody will get Omicron. With the CDC monitoring the water supply in several states, put 2 and 2 together. The same CDC that released CONTAMINATED TESTS. Has a light bulb come on yet? Keep reading, it will.


The more vaccines are given out, notice the more Covid-19 rises back up in the form of one variant after another. In 2021 Dr Luc Montagnier, a French Nobel prize winning scientist, stated that the Covid-19 vaccines were causing the variants. But did CNN, CNBC, FOX or even CSPAN have him on for an interview? No because he was telling the truth. And clueless or brainwashed zombie doctors, pastors, politicians, movie stars, athletes, civic leaders and business owners continued to push the Covid-19 vaccines based on ignorance, misinformation and propaganda.

In January of 2022, USA Today had the courage to public an article which stated 5 of the most heavily vaccinated states were also 5 of the states with the highest new surges of Covid-19.  That is no surprise to those of us who are awake because we understand the next clue.

Clue #8

Thousands upon thousands of people who didn’t have Covid-19 took the vaccines then ended up with what? Covid-19! The CDC calls these “breakthrough cases”. People are afraid to call this “being infected by the vaccines”. This is not coincidence. The spike glycoprotein from the virus that causes Covid-19 is in the Moderna, Pfizer and J&J vaccines. And the only reason so many of you think that is normal is because is because you never knew that hundreds of thousands of people have been getting sick, injured and/or dying from vaccines in the United States for a while now. And yes, we have proof from the FDA and HHS. Wake up! You can neither infect your way to good health nor poison your way to good health. Which brings us to the next clue.

Clue #9

Then there is the issue of “herd immunity”. When Trump brought in a doctor who was all for one type of herd immunity (allowing much of the population to get infected on purpose), Fauci said it was a bad idea because millions of people would have to die. Then quietly Fauci began to promote another type of herd immunity. And the once two-part definition of herd immunity was changed to only reflect what Fauci was promoting. He even said live on TV that we should reach herd immunity by the fall of 2021. Wrong again, that didn’t happen either. But either way, the danger of herd immunity is clearly that many of us do not want to be infected on purpose, especially if the government decides that for us. Sadly, that is exactly what they are doing via all the steps and acts I am outlining in this article.

Clue #10

The NIH has already done the research on putting vaccines in your food. And we have a copy of their report. That completely takes away your choice if you don’t know the vaccines are in there. You say that won’t happen? Really? Then I guess you still don’t realize they placed a Covid-19 tracking app on every one of your phones without tell you anything about it. Yes, your phone too. And it’s in the operating system firmware so if you try to delete it, the tracking app comes right back.

CLUE #11

So now the federal government wants you to have, as Biden calls them, “high quality masks for all”. The government is giving new grants to mask manufacturers and planning to send you a government protective mask. Why the new grants to companies when Moldex and 3M make millions of masks already here in America? Red flag. This is the same government that not only had the masks stockpiled while Trump was in office, but also for a year while Biden has been in office. And before you try to make this political, just don’t. The virus was to roll out under Trump, causing the devastation. And the vaccines were to roll out under Biden to the rescue. This had nothing to do with political affiliation. Fortunately, medical doctor and Senator Rand Paul jumped in and starting exposing Fauci, bringing up the protection of natural immunity and how millions of people do not need the Covid-19 vaccines.


VACCINES IN AMERICA HAVE NOT BEEN SAFE FOR A LONG TIME, IF EVER! And while many of us thought they were OK because we were not injured or killed by them, many other people were. The regulatory agencies conditioned Americans to think a human being can be poisoned into good health, just like they do in hospitals with the use of chemo – a heavy biotoxin that kills patients, weakens immune systems and causes new cancers. They taught you the lie that it was normal to infect you with a virus in order to protect you from what? The virus! But what they didn’t publicly tell you was that each year hundreds of thousands of people in America died or suffered severe injury from vaccines for a long time. This didn’t just start with Covid-19. And yes, we have PROOF FROM THE FDA AND HHS. Today it is happening all over again because of Covid-19 vaccines. Yet this is kept off the mainstream news and blocked from mainstream social media, especially when there is proof. I DARE YOU TO WAKE UP!


So here we are. If the pandemic managers want everybody to get infected and/or take the unsafe, ineffective and unnecessary vaccines, they simply infect the water, contaminate or rig the tests, infect the government distributed masks or make them ineffective, put the vaccines in the food (or in the air), call every sniffle, cough or chill Covid-19 and promote outside activity where a virus can travel 20 feet on the wind. Surely they would not do these things? Oops, look again. There are precedents for all of the above in America and Tuskegee didn’t even scratch the surface.


They knew those of us who are awake, qualified or investigative would discover the truth. But the pandemic managers and puppet masters also knew most of you would never listen to the truth, most of you would never believe it if you did, most of you would never fact-check it, most of you would feel powerless to do anything about it and that many of you would already be vaccinated by the time you discovered the truth. That is exactly what has happened and now that more of the truth, facts and evidence has come out, many of you get angry at the messengers or still want to play the game of denial. WAKE UP!


For those of you fast asleep or in on the dark agenda, I could give you another dozen clues, but if you don’t get it by now, a thousand more clues backed by hard evidence won’t wake you out of the zombie denial that comforts you. So I will stop right here. But if you are ready to refute every point you have just read, know that there is proof and you are a zombie – the same type of zombie the CDC prepared for in 2010 and the DOD prepared for a few years later. WAKE UP BECAUSE THE CREATORS OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC ARE NOT FINISHED YET!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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