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Throw Your Wigs, Extensions, weaves and Friesian Horse Hair Away and Forever.

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( My beautiful naturally born black women with natural full lips, natural big breast, natural big derriere, chocolate dark skin color, sexy body and feisty in your own way, it is time for you, your daughters and mothers to be proud of yourself and have the confidence and pride to be black, natural and be who your are and wear what is naturally yours. Yes, it is time to get rid of all wigs, extensions, weaves, Friesian Horse hair that white America has brainwash you into putting on top of your own beautiful natural hair in order to make you feel inferior and ashamed of your African heritage and beauty.

Why do black women in America put other people hair, synthetic hair and fake hair on top of their own natural African born hair? why have black women in America allow themselves to be manipulate and convince by other people of other races who mean you harm and destruction into wearing something on your head that does not belong to you and at the same time give you the illusion that it will make you more beautiful and acceptable to society. Why have our black sisters fallen victims to the onslaught of beauty shops in African American communities control by mostly other races such as Asians, Middle-Easterns- Italians, Caucasians who are selling black hair products and chemical to our black women that is causing damage and destruction to black women hair while at the same time reaping the benefit and taking the wealth of black women, black men and LGBT people spending their money every day at these racist non black beauty shops.

blackwoman WEAVE

According to the European standard of beauty, white women’s are considered to be the most beautiful creatures in the world regardless of her appearance. body shape and even with or without hair; Yet, over 66% of white women are spending between 5,000 dollar to 150, 000 dollars a month and every other year to look and have the body of black women. They desired is so strong that they use any means necessary that include taking prescribed medication, Botox injections and having plastic surgery to have full lips like a black woman, big breast like a black woman, and a big booty like a black woman. You have all heard of “BBL’ Brazilian Butt Liff which is a term created by white doctors who specializes in given white woman, Hispanic woman and Asian woman their dream of having a big butt with plastic surgery.

Black women’s bodies have created a trend in America and around the world where the people that are benefiting the most are the same people who turn around and tell black women that they are ugly and their hair is nappy. Yes, white people are the ones telling black women this things and they are doing it intentionally to demoralized, demonized, dehumanized and make black women insecure of themselves and psychological inferior to a white woman. Racist white America has always used psychological warfare on black America beginning in the year 1619 when the first blacks arrived to the new world as slaves and this mental warfare against the black population has continue until today with the use of mind games, lies, manipulation, stereotypes, profiling and projecting certain narratives and images that controls the minds of people.

Black women in America stop spending your money and wealth in beauty shops that are selling product to you to make you ashamed of who you are and of your African heritage. Your black hair is beauty, Your body is beauty, Your lips are beauty, Your natural hair is beauty and for that reason other races envy, hate and are jealous of you, so they find reasons to make you feel worst than them by telling you that your hair is nappy and no good. Black women of America your are the only female of all races in the world that can do anything with your natural hair which is the most strongest hair in the world. You are the envy of all women in the world but you are making them rich everyday when you decide to purchase hair products, weaves, extensions etc., from these beauty shops and hair shops owned by people who do not look like you, think like you, suffered like you and endure the pain and suffering that you and your ancestors have suffered upon their forceful removal from Africa and arrival to the so called land of the free.

Did you know that if all black women and black men in America stop purchasing, spending money and patronizing these beauty shop and hair selling stores that you will destroyed their economy and cause a chain reaction that will make the stock market tremble. I guess you did not know that it is black people’s money that send Asian children to college, give Asian people the wealth to live in a mansion in an affluent neighborhood and have generational wealth. Did you hear me black sisters and black brothers! your money is making Asians, Whites, Middle Easterns, Italians etc.. very rich since you spend all your paycheck, savings and EBT money in these stores that are owned by those racist people and who do not invest in the black community and neither do they hire any black men, black women or black LGBT.

My African American Queens listen to the voice of your fellow black brother who wants the best for you and for your children, it is time to be proud of been black by saying “No” to weaves, wigs, Friesian horse hair, extensions etc.. and Yes to wearing your own natural hair, natural eye lashes, natural full lips and body. Be proud of yourself and do not let the racist white media and other people to include the sellouts, uncle toms and the black bourgeoisie to tell you otherwise. Black is beauty and wearing your own natural hair makes you more beautiful and more desirable for marriage by our black brothers and African American society. Be yourself black queen, be proud, be honest, be feminine, be nurturing, be faithful, be obedient, be submissive, be caring, be loving, be respectful and good things will come to you in the form of a good men, a good women or good black LGBT, a good job, a good career and freedom. Do the right thing and you will always have peace of mind and never fall victims to the negative stereotypes of racist white America.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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